Planning a Week’s Worth of Outfits

If we’re being honest, the “What am I going to wear today?” question is one we ask ourselves after our first coffee. Or maybe when we’re in the shower. Or if it’s really not happening, once we’re standing naked in front of the closet paralyzed with indecision. We’ve all been there. And in an attempt to never be there again, we’ve mapped it out for you.

  1. 1

  2. striped shirt dress, white sneakers, brown tote on figure
  3. Monday

    A reinvented shirtdress, a few strategic glints of gold, and a gorgeous, utilitarian bag is the ultimate go-anywhere, see-anyone, do-anything start to the week. And those sneakers? Make the Monday shuffle so much swifter.

  4. Mother of Pearl Dress, goop, $595; Veja Sneakers, goop, $150; Joseph Tote (worn throughout), goop, $895

  1. 2

  2. Tuesday

    Back-to-back meetings, weekly check-ins—they all call for sleek separates that are refined enough for any conference room. But note the king-size buckles on the slides. And those zipper details on the bag. There’s a whole lot of quiet power in this pretty nonsuit.

  3. blue top blue top G. Label
    goop, $375
  4. black skirt black skirt G. Label
    goop, $495
  5. black buckle sandals black buckle sandals ATP Atelier
    goop, $350
  6. green+black tote green+black tote Joseph
    goop, $1,195
  7. silver hoops silver hoops Sophie Buhai
    goop, $375
  8. striped watch striped watch La Californienne
    goop, $3,600
  9. Serum Serum Dr. Barbara Sturm
    goop, $300
  1. 3

  2. white cargo jacket, white shorts, pinky ring on figure
  3. Wednesday

    An all-white outfit this crisp—with leather extras that sharp—is armed with more than clean lines and a cool, classic vibe. It’s armed with authority—and plenty of it.

  4. G. Label Nick Belted Cargo Jacket, goop, $795; G. Label Bren Wide-Leg Shorts, goop, $295; Eriness Ring, goop, $1,795

  1. 4

  2. Thursday

    Start with a ladylike dress, strap on a pair of sexy slingbacks, add one holds-everything bag—the result? Corner-office gold. A little black eyeliner and a sleek clutch to match will take you straight to after-work cocktails.

  3. navy dress navy dress Tibi
    goop, $239
  4. black heels black heels Victoria Beckham
    goop, $258
  5. brown+ white bag brown+ white bag Marni
    goop, $2,190
  6. gold+pearl single earring gold+pearl single earring Mounser
    goop, $175
  7. black pouch black pouch Victoria Beckham
    goop, $330
  8. eyeliner eyeliner W3LL PEOPLE
    goop, $18
  9. arrow
  10. arrow
  11. add for day
  12. add for night
  1. 5

  2. Friday

    Friday—when we’re running on reserves (in more ways than one)—is the exactly right time to pull out your secret weapon: a jumpsuit. Then: Add a swipe of pink, plus sneakers that are as comfortable as they are chic, for whatever end-of-week fires come up.

  3. black jumpsuit black jumpsuit G. Label
    Murray Parachute Jumpsuit
    goop, $625
  4. black+ blue bag black+ blue bag Marni
    goop, $2,150
  5. white sneakers white sneakers Veja
    goop, $150
  6. gold earrings gold earrings Jemma Wynne
    goop, $3,990
  7. rolex watch rolex watch Rolex x Colette
    goop, $22,330
  8. pink multi stick pink multi stick ILIA
    goop, $34
  1. 6

  2. woman wearing top, skirt, sandals, bracelet, hoops, and holding bag
  3. Saturday

    Words we gravitate to on warm summer evenings: sleeveless, breezy, strappy, and Chloé. A look this understated and polished deserves two more: dinner alfresco.

  4. Apiece Apart Top, goop, $195; Apiece Apart Skirt, goop, $295; goop x Chloé Bag, goop, $1,690; Castañer Sandals, goop, $180; Jennifer Fisher x goop Hoops, goop, $200; Laura Lombardi Bracelet, goop, $124

  1. 7

  2. Sunday

    Get in a workout, run a few errands, and meet a friend for coffee—smartly cut workout gear, a lightweight anorak, and sporty kicks will get through all of the above.

  3. beige anorak beige anorak G. Label

    goop, $650
  4. grey sports bra grey sports bra G. Sport
    Cross-Back Midi Bra
    goop, $90
  5. black muscle tank black muscle tank G. Sport
    Mesh Tank
    With Side Slits

    goop, $90
  6. grey leggings grey leggings G. Sport
    High-Waisted Crop
    Leggings with Pocket

    goop, $110
  7. black sneakers black sneakers MM6
    goop, $480
  8. deodorant deodorant Ursa Major
    goop, $18
  9. white duffle bag white duffle bag La Ligne
    goop, $165
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