Layering for Dummies


The best time to master layering is actually right now, before the frigid winter months make it less fun styling experiment and more essential survival tool. Here, fail-proof formulas for three artfully piled on looks.

Look 1

Here, the interchangeable pieces mean you get two looks in one: All together, it’s a sporty take on cozy layers; the camisole and jacket alone hold their own, too.

Look 2

The two key pieces that make this outfit work are the fleece undershirt and the paper-thin puffer vest (it provides ample warmth, but doesn’t show under a jacket). The tailored peacoat and cropped jeans lend structure without skimping on comfort.

Look 3

For those parts of the country where a coat isn’t a necessity just yet, a chunky cardigan—layered over a flannel and cotton tee—provides sufficient warmth, without adding bulk.