A Look inside Gwyneth’s Fashion Archive

Written by: Gwyneth Paltrow


Published on: February 2, 2023

I just took a little trip down memory lane and into my fashion archive storage space (watch above). This is where I keep some special pieces, like: the Gucci dress I was wearing when Brad proposed to me in Italy, a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots I was obsessed with that my mom got me when I was 19, a ’90s Calvin Klein shirtdress (with IDGAF energy) that I wore to a premiere when I was dating a different Brad, and so many shoes for Apple. (Lucky for her, I have plenty of vintage kitten heels.)

It’s also where I keep some of the very first G. Label pieces that we ever made, which I still wear to this day. They stand the test of time for me because they incorporate a bit of the classic with something unusual and unexpected. They feel cool and chic, and they can lean casual in an office but easily be dressed up for cocktails that night. And they’re comfortable—I love how comfortable our clothes are.

Gwyneth’s Closet Classics