woman wearing t-shirt

The goop HQ Uniform—to a Tee

Along with Wi-Fi and wide-leg trousers, the humble T-shirt is always on at goop HQ—and for good reason. Flattering, hardworking, and more reliable in a pinch than most people’s emergency contacts, the best versions are soft (but not sloppy), chic (but approachable), and despite (or perhaps because of) their simplicity, a reflection of personal style. Below, six staffers pay homage to their favorite takes on the classic tee.

    1. g. label christopher puff-sleeve t-shirt g. label christopher puff-sleeve t-shirt

      “The fashion team knows that when they see a puff-sleeve approaching, it’s probably me. How did I survive before this eternally cute, always-appropriate silhouette? I’m not sure, but I can’t live without this T-shirt version—it’s easy to dress up or down and comfy enough to run around in on shoot days.”

      —Sandra Slusarczyk, fashion and market assistant

    2. re/done tee re/done tee

      “This effortless white RE/DONE tee is one of my wardrobe staples. I pair it with my favorite jeans—this straight-leg pair by SLVRLAKE—and gold jewelry.”

      —Cambria Foden, e-comm stylist assistant

    3. ATM Anthony thomas melilo tee ATM Anthony thomas melillo tee

      “I’m feeling the floaty boxiness of this striped tee from ATM Anthony Thomas Mellilo. The loose shape hangs in a way that looks cool but still feels relaxed. And the hem hits at the perfect place—right above my RE/DONE’S.”

      —Simone Kitchens, senior features editor

    1. vince crew vince crew

      “This navy number is made from 100 percent pima cotton, which is the super soft gold standard for tees. It has a little bit of slip (so it feels luxurious on skin) and is wrinkle-resistant, which is key. The cute baby sleeves are just the icing on the cake.”

      —Amanda Chung, junior creative copywriter

    2. G. label stephen boyfriend tee G. label stephen boyfriend tee

      “Soft enough to sleep in, elevated enough for work: This G. Label gem is one of those closet overachievers that can insert itself into any setting. The best part: When you throw in some stake-raising styling tricks—a rolled sleeve here, a front tuck there, and maybe a sweater casually draped over your shoulders—this wish-I-had-it-in-every-color tee can transform an outfit.”

      —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

    3. nili lotan tee nili lotan tee

      “In my book, fitted tees are for special occasions. Most days, I prefer a slightly oversize, borrowed-from-the-boys look, and I love Nili Lotan tops and bottoms for their simplicity.”

      —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director