Photographs by Frances Tulk-Hart

How Four Creative Women Are Blazing New Trails

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At goop, we love the idea of celebrating all types of women in their creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. This fall, we’ve teamed up with Forevermark to kick off the launch of the Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection by Jade Trau, which takes four diamond shapes and translates them into individual archetypes—the Maverick, the Sophisticate, the Envoy, and the Vanguard. To celebrate the collection, we reached out to four women whom we admire, who each uniquely embody the characteristics and spirt that bring each of these archetypes to life.

Meet the Women

  • The Maverick: Lucy Laucht

    The Maverick: Lucy Laucht

    “Experiencing new places forces me to listen, notice, and find connection,” explains Lucy Laucht, whose work as a photographer has her ping-ponging from Havana to Sydney and everywhere in between.

  • The Sophisticate: Jenny Walton

    The Sophisticate: Jenny Walton

    It’s not hard to see why Jenny Walton is so often photographed during fashion week: statement earrings, A-line dress, hair twisted into a low, messy bun. Walton is the twenty-eight-year-old illustrator and fashion director of The Sartorialist, which is to say she knows a thing or two about putting an outfit together.

  • The Envoy: Saada Ahmed

    The Envoy: Saada Ahmed

    Saada Ahmed understands that not everyone is good at striking up a conversation with strangers. “I wanted to create a place where different types of people could come together IRL, connect, and dance a lot,” says Ahmed, a cofounder of Everyday People, a monthly day party that originated on New York’s Lower East Side and has now expanded to LA and other cities across the country.

  • The Vanguard: Rachel Krupa

    The Vanguard: Rachel Krupa

    It’s not something you’d expect to hear from a successful business owner: “You need to carve out time for yourself in order to function at your best.” For Rachel Krupa, who started Krupa Consulting in 2010, the idea of conscious living is hardly just a business mandate. In fact, it can be hard to figure out where her work ends and her lifestyle begins.