What goop Staffers Are Gifting Themselves This Year

In partnership with our friends at Anthropologie

Crafting a gift list that gives family, friends, teachers, and your always-in-a-good-mood postal worker what they want requires creativity, focus, and above all, stamina. But what about what you want? We asked four goop staffers what they’re wrapping up for themselves this holiday season.

Liz McKelvey

Liz McKelvey

director, financial planning and analysis

  1. Anthropologie Twinkle Cropped Cardigan
    Anthropologie Cardigan Anthropologie, $138

    “I’m obsessed with this confetti-yarn cardigan. Up close, you’ll see it’s woven with pale-gold whisker-like threads. It’s so cute—I’m planning on wearing it with everything from everyday denim to this pleated skirt for my small Thanksgiving dinner.”

  2. G. Label Rodich A-Line Miniskirt
    G. Label Rodich A-Line Miniskirt goop, $395

    “A keep-it-forever kind of skirt, this A-line mini is my idea of perfect. I first fell in love with it last winter when we launched it in navy (sadly, my size sold out in about two seconds). Luckily, it’s back for round two—and in my favorite color, no less.”

  3. goop x Heretic This Smells Like My Orgasm Candle
    goop x Heretic Candle goop, $75

    “As a single woman living through quarantine, I’ll take anything that helps me feel sexy. This grapefruit-and-neroli candle creates a mood, and the sleek black vessel will look perfect on my nightstand perched next to a bowl of palo santo and my current bedtime read (shout-out, goop Book Club).”

  4. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum
    Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum goop, $185

    “My mom taught me the importance of taking care of my skin from a young age, so I’m always looking for products that will boost my beauty regimen. Everyone at work—and I mean everyone—raves about this face oil. It’s supposed to work miracles on all skin types, so I’m excited to see what it does for me.”

  5. Jane Win Free Coin Pendant Necklace
    Jane Win Necklace goop, $278

    “I love that butterflies symbolize transformation, growth, and endurance. Given the craziness 2020 has brought on, this pendant feels quite fitting.”

Amanda Chung

Amanda Chung

junior creative copywriter

  1. Anthropologie Bardot DOF Glasses, Set of 4
    Anthropologie Glasses, Set of 4 Anthropologie, $56

    “I know the deck-out-your-bar-cart phase of quarantine happened months ago, but I just starting getting into old-fashioneds (can you tell I’m rewatching of Mad Men?) and sipping my attempts to master the recipe would be way more fun with these. I love the whimsical bits of gold leaf suspended in the base—classic Anthropologie.”

  2. Sangre de Fruta Garden of Earthly Delights Botanical Hand Soap
    Sangre de Fruta Hand Soap goop, $48

    “As much as I love shiny things, I also appreciate a practical present. (Someone once gifted me wool dryer balls, along with other sustainability-themed goodies, and they’re still my favorite things ever.) These days, it doesn’t get more sensible than hand soap, and I love the way this one smells—like cedar, sandalwood, and bergamot.”

  3. Eriness Tsavorite Yellow-Gold Huggies
    Eriness Gold Huggies goop, $530

    “My ears are studded with lots of teeny-tiny earrings I hardly ever take out, but I would definitely move things around for these huggies. They go beyond subtle without being over-the-top glitzy, and the bright-green tsavorites are particularly on point for the holidays.”

  4. G. Label Rubinfeld Zip-Up Sweater
    G. Label Rubinfeld Zip-Up Sweater goop, $595

    “I’ve been eyeing this deliciously chunky sweater since it launched. (The bomber-like silhouette! The fold-over collar! The plush fisherman’s rib!) I envision myself shrugging it on first thing in the morning, draping it over my chair by midday, then later, grabbing it on my way out the door for my evening walk.”

  5. Birkenstock Boston Shearling-Lined Birkenstock
    Birkenstock Shoes goop, $165

    “I haven’t worn real shoes (i.e., anything with laces, zippers, or buckles) in months. To be honest, I just need something to shuffle to and from the grocery store in. Now that it’s cold out, my summer Birks no longer cut it—but I have a feeling these close-toed shearling-lined ones might.”

Samantha Saiyavongsa

Samantha Saiyavongsa

associate editor

  1. vitruvi goop Exclusive Stone Diffuser
    vitruvi Diffuser goop, $119

    “I love this diffuser and have gifted it to many of my friends (gift-giving is one of my love languages). They all rave about it, and seeing it in their homes gives me joy. Only thing is I’ve never bought it for myself. The sleek ceramic body makes it look like a beautiful art piece. And I would never not have this puffing out gentle streams of calming lavender oil.”

  2. GreenPan Padova Ceramic Nonstick 10-piece Cookware Set
    GreenPan 10-piece Cookware Set goop, $250

    “What’s not to love about GreenPan? It’s nontoxic and easy to clean, and these would look so nice on my hanging rack. Investing in excellent pans is a good way to start on my clean-household journey. They’re also a good reason to cook more often. I might be getting ahead of myself, but goop detox is right around the corner, and I can see myself actually doing it if I have these gorgeous pans.”

  3. Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar
    Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar goop, $195

    “My skin-care routine is my form of meditation, and I believe that face treatments—like anything related to self-care—work better when you’re not rushed. I’ve heard this vibrating gold bar is transformative for puffy skin. And to be real, I’d rather spend the ten or fifteen minutes doing this to my face than doing actual Transcendental Meditation.”

  4. Spinelli Kilcollin Petunia Ring
    Spinelli Kilcollin Petunia Ring goop, $2,300

    “This is my dream ring, and I’ve lusted after it for years. It looks like something I could wear with any outfit, from a T-shirt with vintage Levi’s to a cozy G. Label sweater and skirt. It’s also the easiest way to do a ring stack because they’re linked together, and the diamond band makes it the right amount of luxe.”

  5. Anthropologie Maile Faux-Fur Slippers
    Anthropologie Slippers Anthropologie, $48

    “I’m someone who immediately changes out of my day clothes into evening clothes the minute I shut off my laptop. And by evening clothes, I mean anything without a constricting waistband that feels soft and cozy on my skin. I’m new to the house-slipper scene, but these cozy faux-fur ones sold me. The only caveat is that I wish I could wear them outside.”

Alexis Antoniadis

Alexis Antoniadis

social media manager

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator
    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    “I’m missing my facialist more than ever. So much so that I’m thinking it’s time to invest in the full-size Microderm (after all, GP calls it a powerful facial in a jar). It’s brightening and skin-smoothing, giving me that noticeable glow I’m always after.”

  2. Staub Kettle
    Staub Kettle goop, $200

    “Ever since quitting coffee and becoming a tea drinker (I down at least five cups a day), I’ve wanted to upgrade my sad, banged-up kettle left over from my college days. I’ve been eyeing this Staub one for the better part of this year and can’t wait to brew my first pot of tulsi tea in it.”

  3. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3
    HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket goop, $500

    “The main thing getting me through 2020? Figuring out how to do what I love, at home. This infrared sauna blanket simulates two things I miss about pre-COVID life: that fresh-out-of-hot-yoga feeling, and leisurely Saturdays spent schvitzing at the spa. My coworker Kelly has said so many great things about it, so I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and treat myself.”

  4. Slip White Queen Pillow Case
    Slip Pillow Case goop, $89

    “I spend a lot of time in bed (sometimes I even like to work under the covers). So when I learned that cotton pillowcases can be hard on your hair—causing frizz, breakage, and even split ends—I immediately started looking for an alternative. I’ll feel so much better about hitting snooze once I get my hands on these frictionless mulberry-silk ones.”

  5. Anthropologie Emmeline Cashmere Sweater and Daphne Cashmere Joggers
    Anthropologie Cashmere Sweater and Joggers Anthropologie, $148 and $158

    “Aforementioned time in bed, Netflixing on the couch, running to the grocery store—this cozy matching set works for all of it. It’s made from crazy-soft cashmere that feels like you’re wearing the world’s most luxurious throw. And can we talk about the color?”

    Daphne Cashmere Joggers