Good Denim and Great Friends:
A Love Story

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We all have a special relationship with our jeans. They tell our story—every rip, stitch, and worn-in knee is like an autobiography in twill cotton. Some are good, some are not quite as good, but the right pair knows us well. And like the truest friendships, they get better with time. Just ask longtime friends Christie Tyler, the author of NYC Bambi, and English model Joanna Halpin, whose bond blossomed over a shared love of denim.

“When I first moved to London seven years ago, I bought a pair of vintage jeans. I wear them so frequently that they’ve started to develop rips in the bum,” says Halpin. “I just keep sewing them up where they’ve gotten thin. But I refuse to throw them out because they fit so well.”

As Tyler says, “I want to feel comfortable and confident, as anyone does when they throw on a pair of jeans. I feel like that’s what Polo Ralph Lauren does really well with theirs. They’re simple and classic.” It’s this feeling we get when we slip into a great pair of jeans that creates this romance—something we’re loyal to that only strengthens with time.

We hosted a Ralph Lauren denim styling session and caught up with Tyler and Halpin to talk about friendship, big life moments, and the jeans that saw it all.

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