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7 Luxury
Lines We Love

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It’s hyperbole, but barely: Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy. Like that vintage Louis Vuitton trunk we spotted behind a window at the Marché aux Puces flea years ago. Or those impossibly perfect pointy Manolos that populated our dreams—right before they sold out. Granted, some purchases can’t be taken lightly, so we consider and deliberate and justify. So how does one justify throwing down for something as luxurious and iconic as a one-of-a-kind Birkin bag? Or a classic eighteen-karat yellow-gold watch? We’ll give you one good reason. Make that seven of them.


    Admit it: When it comes to timepieces, the Swiss just do it better. The still-family-run watchmaking operation that is Audemars Piguet has been going strong since 1875, and everything they touch turns to, well, gold. Hailed for their exacting craftsmanship, these watches are meticulously made with the kind of intricate details that are best viewed up close (preferably draped around your wrist).

  • AUDEMARS PIGUET watch AUDEMARS PIGUET watch Audemars Piguet, recommended price $53,600

    The thing about Chanel is that everything this company makes is incredible, whether it’s a quilted bag or a tweed jacket. Even the prêt-à-porter is designed with the same precision as the couture pieces. And there is perhaps no better example of a fashion house whose iconic bags, Louvre-worthy shoes, and timeless fabrics only appreciate over time.

  • CHANEL jacket CHANEL jacket Chanel, $8,150
  • CHANEL jacket CHANEL jacket Chanel, $5,550