Getting Ready for Fall, the LA Way

VINCE WRAP, Vince, $525; RE/DONE JEANS, goop, $305

Getting Ready for Fall, the LA Way

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Admittedly, the seasonal shift from summer to fall in Los Angeles is…subtle. But that doesn’t mean West Coasters don’t get back-to-school thrills pulling out a turtleneck as the days get shorter and temperatures fall. We checked in with our own fashion and market editor, Eileen Hayes; meditation teacher Mariana Orkenyi; and designer Paloma Jonas to find out what they’re most looking forward to in a town where sixty-eight degrees is the barometric equivalent of sweater weather.

Eileen Hayes

fashion and market editor, goop

“Having moved to LA from New York two years ago, my love for sweaters runs deep. By mid-September, the summer crowds have dwindled, so wrapping up in cozy layered knits and walking the beach in Malibu is my weekend meditation. It’s an ideal reset from a crazy workweek.”

Eileen Hayes in Vince goop

VINCE SWEATER, Vince, $295; RE/DONE JEANS, goop, $305; RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES, goop, $150

  • Mariana Orkenyi

    meditation teacher, spiritual guide, and founder
    of Communal

    “I cook more in the fall—soups, pies, stews. There’s nothing better than food that feeds the soul, more warm tea before bed, more long baths, more slow walks into nature. It’s a season of companionship with ourselves.”

  • Mariana Orkenyi in Vince goop
  • Mariana Orkenyi in Vince goop
  • VINCE SWEATER, Vince, $275; VINCE SKIRT, Vince, $265

“When the first signs of fall start to appear, my body knows we’re shifting into a season of introspection. I meditate every morning before the sun rises and before everyone else in the house is awake. It’s a sacred time for me. After meditation, I’ll prepare a warm drink and breakfast. Somedays it’s a hot cup of coffee with creamy cashew milk; sometimes I add potion powders and blend them all together. My husband and my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter cook breakfast together.”

Mariana Orkenyi in Vince goop


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