Figure-Flattering Dressing

Though particularly valuable during the impending wedding/summer-entertaining season, having one or two of these asset-enhancing, confidence-boosting, and overall hardworking dresses on hand is a seasonless investment.


The beauty of a strategically placed ruffle is that it lends volume without weighing down the silhouette in its entirety—this is especially beneficial around the shoulders to take attention away from not-so-taut upper arms or the chest area (for obvious reasons).


The movement of the pretty, fluid fabric creates curves where you don’t have them, while the print acts as a sort of fashion camouflage, effectively masking imperfections. A note to partygoers: Busy patterns hide spills and stains like nobody’s business.

Classic Midi

There’s a reason why the somewhat retro, ultra femme snug-top-full-skirt shape has been a closet linchpin for decades: It effortlessly carves out a waist, accentuates the neck, and, with the right accessories, conforms to most dress codes.

Fitted Shirtdresses

A nipped waist, crisp silhouette, and heel-accommodating hemline are the insta-outfit qualities that make a shirtdress stand the test of time…and the bleariest Monday mornings.