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Fall Dressing

In partnership with our friends at Dudley Stephens

Fall greets our closets with a roar, whether temperatures are changing drastically (we see you, New England) or just barely (reporting live from goop’s LA HQ!). One cool breeze and we’re piling on sweaters, championing head-to-toe leather, and slipping into knee-high boots. But there’s more to it than that: Crisp days call for easily assembled outfits that won’t feel stale midseason. The answer? A jeans + top + coat formula that comes together in minutes.

The Run-Around

Make an oversize wool trench in muted mineral blue the starting point for a to-and-from-a-workout look. On the way to class, the modern tailoring transforms a sports bra and leggings into a chic street-style silhouette. Pack your gym bag with pieces in a neutral palette to change into post-sweat: a grey funnel-neck fleece, dark denim with a raw edge, and jet-black accessories.

For The Fully Booked Saturday

For The Fully
Booked Saturday

Weekends come with their own kind of to-do list—typically a tightly packed blend of things we want to do, plus unfinished errands inherited from the week prior. Introduce a cashmere coat in soft, substantial camel and suddenly birthday parties and brunch are even more fun. And the errands? They’re not going anywhere—but you’ll look good doing them.

Work It

Make a five-minute outfit work for the office by doing the following: Keep shapes and shades minimal with a neutral sweater, white denim or trousers, and personal jewelry that’s striking without being showy. Once you’ve built a solid foundation, let the rest of your layers hit the high notes.