Easy Entertaining Outfits

Dressing for at-home entertaining is a delicate dance of finding something that’s effortless but not sloppy, festive yet functional—meaning, no cascading hems to trip over or billowing sleeves to set on fire. Below, outfit options for three hosting scenarios—family-style Italian, romantic dinner for two, farmers market brunch—plus, to take some of the menu-planning edge off, a few favorite #goopmake recipe to go with each. 

Family-Style Italian

Whites, pastels, neutrals—none stand a chance against pasta sauce, which is why a printed top is your best bet. A sleeveless iteration offers plenty of room to move and pairs seamlessly with dark denim. Slides are a good footwear choice since they slip off easily, should you decide to go barefoot at any point.

Farmer’s Market Brunch

Think of the frill-free pairing of denim midi-skirt and ruffle-sleeved tank as farm-to-table dressing: Wear it to the farmers market in the morning, then continue on to your hosting duties without missing a beat.  

Romantic Dinner for Two

Arguably the trickiest of the bunch since you want to look date-night hot without appearing out of place in your own home. Together, curve-hugging bodysuit and louche pajama-style pants are plenty sexy, yet relaxed enough to for a night in. 

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