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Drea Wheeler’s Wake-Up Call: Squats,
Hip-Hop, and a Coconut Butter Coffee


| founder, Bodylicious

An average morning for Drea Wheeler starts with three things: singing, squats, and dancing. Oh, and a coconut butter coffee. “Seriously—what’s better than that?” says Wheeler, who grew up in Texas but now calls Montreal home. She’s also the force behind Bodylicious, a heart-pumping cardio-dance sweat session she teaches at Victoria Park, a multistudio fitness boutique in Westmount. “It’s a place where people can get away from life’s craziness and focus on themselves—even if it’s just for an hour.”

Below, five things that help Wheeler get through her own jam-packed day.

  • 1

    “Dry-brushing is essential for keeping my skin looking healthy. Not only does it get rid of dry, dead skin cells; it leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. This one has a nice long handle, so you can reach around your body with ease—from down your back to your toes. It’s so easy to use.”

    THE ORGANIC PHARMACY skin brush goop, $15
  • P.E. NATION Substitute Leggings
  • P.E. NATION Substitute Leggings
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    Substitute Leggings

    “I’m always on the hunt for good workout leggings. Finding the perfect fit, cut, and length isn’t easy! The material is breathable and light, and I love the way they hug the body.”

    P.E. NATION Substitute Leggings goop, $150
  • Coconut Butter Coffee
  • 3
  • Coconut Butter Coffee

    “Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my coffee. From an almond milk latte to a coconut cappuccino to a black iced coffee—I’ve always got one in my hand. This one is strong enough to give me that boost of energy but also so delicious.”

  • HUNTER BOOTS original tall boots
  • HUNTER BOOTS original tall boots
  • 4
    original tall boots

    “It’s no secret that living in Montreal requires a pair of rain boots. Hunters will always and forever be my go-to rain boots. They are not too heavy or chunky, and what I love about them is I could easily slip them off before teaching my classes and slip them back on when I need to go back outside.”

    HUNTER BOOTS original tall boots goop, $150
  • SPIRITUAL GANGSTER crop hoodie
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    crop hoodie

    “Who doesn’t love a soft yet stylish sweatshirt? I’m waiting for them to come out with more colors, because just one won’t suffice.”

    SPIRITUAL GANGSTER crop hoodie goop, $98
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