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Workwear for When It’s Crazy-Hot Outside?

Ask Laurie: Workwear for When it’s Hot AF?

Dear Laurie, I’ve officially run out of office-appropriate summer outfit ideas, and super-warm days are especially challenging: I have to look pulled together, but it’s simply too stifling to be bundled up in anything that’s more substantial than a sundress. What can I wear to work when it’s uncomfortably steamy outside?—Andi M.

Dear Andi, The answer to your question lies in ventilation. Up top, go for breezy natural fibers, short-, or no sleeves at all, and billowy silhouettes. Skirts, wide-leg pants, and culottes are going to be your best styling assets; and don’t worry about accentuating the waist if you can’t bear the thought of feeling constricted—volume is your friend. Accessory-wise, stick to flats (sandals, slides, etc.), but if you have to have height, stacked heels are easier to manage than anything spiky. Finally, keep jewelry on the dainty side, anything too bulky can quite literally weigh you down.

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