Ask Laurie: Who Makes Great Office-Appropriate Skirts?

What are some office-appropriate skirt options, aside from the pencil or mini, for when it’s just too hot to really wear anything at all?

Dressing for work in the summer can be so tricky, especially if you have a job with a lot of grey area regarding dress codes. Skirts that hit right below or past the knee are a great solution—they keep things breezy but still dressed-up enough for an office environment. I suggest staying away from form-fitting styles and sticking with loose A-line or circle silhouettes that sit higher at the waist. The key to maintaining a pulled-together look is managing proportions: Longer skirts look best paired with platforms or heels, and tops that are fitted or cropped; shorter hemlines are better with flats and roomier shirts. Note: crop-tops are OK providing they cover the shoulders and fall past the actual waistline of the skirt, enough so that even if you raise your arms above your head, your belly doesn’t make a cameo.

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