Ask Laurie: Vacation Essentials on a Budget?

Dear Laurie, I’m going on a beach vacation, and I’ve blown most of my budget on the flights getting there and the hotel—but it’s the dead of winter, and my summer-vacation wardrobe needs a refresh. I’m going to take surf lessons at Bondi Beach and then head to the Seychelles for some much-needed R&R. What do I need to pack and where can I find key pieces that won’t break the bank? —Hilary P.

Dear Hilary, Good move! ‘Tis the season to GTFO of town and get to a sunny beach. You’ll need both sporty and sexy options, essentially, to cover both parts of your vacation, so double down on pieces that will take you from surf-and-sun to poolside-lounging (cocktail in hand, naturally). Here, I’ve put together two packing lists for your trip that won’t totally siphon what’s left of your fun-in-the-sun fund.

Bondi Beach


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