Ask Anne: Mixing Prints? Altuzarra SS17 / Photo courtesy of Altuzarra

Ask Anne: Mixing Prints?

Ask Anne: Mixing Prints?

Anne Keane, formerly the fashion director at Lucky magazine, is our newest goop contributing editor. You can send questions on everything from how to up your earring game to how to tackle a trendy silhouette with ease to [email protected].

Dear Anne, I love the idea of adding more prints into my wardrobe, but I have a hard time finding things I like and frankly my attempts to pair leopard with stripes always end with me going for the safer choice. Are there any real-life tips you can give me for mixing it up this spring?
—Jacque B.

Dear Jacque, I hear you, prints are a tricky thing. Kudos to all the glamorous ladies out there who can wear bold prints with such ease! Unfortunately I am not one of those people, either. I do, however, have a few simple rules to wearing and mixing prints that may be helpful.

  1. Be selective. It’s a visceral thing. If you don’t love a print immediately you’ll never wear it.
  2. Start small. Add a striped tee and printed clutch to your go-to outfit. (In the world of mixing-and-matching, stripes are considered neutrals. Trust.)
  3. Consider an anchor piece, one that ties together the palette of the entire outfit. That way you won’t have to worry so much about the size or shape of the additional prints you mix in.
  4. Stick to similar tones: It helps unite very different types of patterns that might otherwise seem like they don’t go together.
  5. Break it up. A crisp white or chambray shirt layered under any mix of prints always works.
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