Ask Anne: How To Fake Multiple Piercings?

Ask Anne: How to Fake Multiple Piercings?

Ask Anne

Anne Keane, formerly the fashion director at Lucky magazine, is our newest goop contributing editor. You can send questions on everything from how to mix prints to how to tackle a trendy silhouette with ease to [email protected] First up:

Dear Anne, I love the look of multiple piercings, but I’m scared of adding more to my ear. Plus, I’m not sure what I can pull off! What are my options? — Jennifer D.

Dear Jennifer, If you’re anything like me, the days when ice cubes and courage were all you needed to put a few extra holes in your ears are long gone. Fear not, there are lots of ways to up your earring game that do not require any additional drawing of blood. Jewelry designers have come up with innovative and decidedly grown-up ways of adorning the entire ear. My advice? Keep it delicate. Think of the below as a starter kit to developing your earring style. (Bonus: Only one hole per ear required.)

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