Cool Color Combinations to Try?

Ask Anne:
Cool Color Combinations to Try?

Cool Color Combinations to Try?

Anne Keane, formerly the fashion director at Lucky magazine, is our newest goop contributing editor. You can send questions on everything from how to mix prints to how to up your earring game to [email protected].

Dear Anne, I typically end up wearing black, white, and neutrals but desperately want to wear more color. The problem is every time I give it a try, I end up pairing something bright with black or white and it all seems boring again. Is there a secret trick to it that I don’t know? —Nina W.

Dear Nina, Honestly, unless I really put some effort into it, I often end up in the same boat. The good news is that most color does in fact work with black and white. But for some added oomph, thinking about an entire palette you love can help you build up some key pieces to work into your wardrobe. See below for color combinations I’m loving right now. Some advice: Your accessories count. Try a burgundy shoe or a mustard colored bag. You’ll be surprised at how versatile they are.

Red + Pink

(Works with: pops of burgundy, mustard, caramel)

Emerald Green + Purple

(Love it with: lime, metallic, navy)

French Blue + Olive Green

(Pair it with: sea blue and silver)

Pale Lilac + Burgundy + Hot Pink

(Just add: gold accessories)

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