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An LA Native’s Guide to Venice


When Parachute founder Ariel Kaye left New York to return home to LA to start her direct-to-consumer bedding line, she was happy to shed the city’s frenetic pace: “In New York I feel like the city dictated the pace and that the elements were constantly working against me—the crowded trains, the busy streets, and, often, the weather,” she explains. “Now that I’m back in LA, I love that I’m in control of my mornings again and I do my best to make that time about me.” Over the last few years, Kaye and her team have built a soft goods brand that takes inspiration from their Venice neighborhood’s laid-back and relaxed vibe—this translates to super-soft linen duvets, percale shams, waffle knit towels, and oversized cashmere throws in a washed-out grey or a crisp white. When it came to setting up shop, they kept things local—the brand’s Rose Avenue flagship store shares a space with Parachute HQ. “Rose Avenue is probably one of the most vibrant and exciting blocks in Venice,” says Kaye, who lives nearby and walks to the office. Here, we tag along on her daily routine. (Snuggle time with her two-year-old labradoodle puppy, Lox, included.)

  • 6:30AM “I’m up around 6:30am and work out first thing. Physical activity fuels me more than all the coffee in the world. It gets my creativity flowing. I prefer to mix up my routine; some days I work with a trainer and others I take classes at Box Union or do pilates at Studio Elevate.”

    On mornings when I do need a little extra oomph, I’ll opt for an Americano with no milk or sugar. I also never miss a cuddle session with Lox.”
    Day in the Life
  • “I can’t leave the house without making my bed. It’s proven to make you
    happier and gives a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, though, making
    your bed in the morning and getting between the sheets at night becomes a
    special ritual to bookend your day.”
  • 9AM “I used to skip breakfast but I’ve learned to prioritize it these days. Great White recently opened in Venice, just a block from the beach. The aesthetic is super clean and minimalist—it’s a fresh addition to the boardwalk stretch.” Day in the Life
  • 11AM “I head over to Rose Avenue and check in on the Parachute Store. It’s extremely rewarding to see customers enjoying the space we’ve created–and to understand how they’re engaging with our products.” Day in the Life
  • 11:45AM Midland is an inspiring shop in nearby Culver City. It’s stocked with beautiful women’s clothing, accessories and lifestyle goods–perfect for gifting others (or myself)! It’s important to support nearby businesses, and I admire their thoughtful approach to design.” Day in the Life
  • 12:45PM Rose Café has become my go-to for meetings or long lunches with friends. I recommend the tuscan kale salad and seasonal hummuses (my personal fave is the beet with naan bread). It’s also down the street from Parachute, which makes it extra convenient!” Day in the Life
  • “At the office, I wear many hats. I read and respond to emails, meet with
    various teams, pop in and out of the store to talk to customers, manage our
    investors…I am actively involved in every part of the Parachute brand. We’re
    a start-up and that hustle is what keeps me motivated.”
  • 5PM “I’ll carve time for a sunset walk with Lox. Stepping away for fresh air is important, especially if it’s a work day. We always end up at the Venice Canals.” Day in the Life
  • 7PM Dinner at Gjusta is LA’s best kept secret. There are no lines later in the day and it has a casual, neighborhood vibe. I’m still dreaming of the octopus dish I had there recently.” Day in the Life
  • 10PM “I find that maintaining an evening ritual is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. Taking a shower before bed is one of my favorite ways to relax and wash away the day’s stresses. I like to drink chamomile tea in the evening, which is instantly relaxing.”

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