A Wardrobe Trifecta to Welcome
a New Season

Supple leather that gets more supple the more you wear it, moody florals that make gusty days feel like a Jane Austen novel, cocoon-like layers that transform the morning commute into something you actually get excited about: These are a few of our favorite foundational pieces that will steer you into the first days of fall.

Belted Cardigan

Savor every minute of crisp (but not freezing) weather with a wraparound sweater-coat. The appeal is that you can keep your base layers as casual or as elevated as you want—the coat’s texture, cinched waist, and elegant robelike collar tie it all together.

A Standalone Dress

It’s hard to one-up summer’s robust florals. However, applying them to a demure long-sleeved, full-length silhouette and throwing on a pair of smart Chelsea boots adds a dose of intrigue.

Leather Trousers

Leather palazzo pants can transcend forecasts. Let us explain: They’re breathable enough for late summer now (with a paper-thin knit) and serve as a substantial barrier against unexpected temperature dips later on (add a hat, a scarf, the works).