A French Girl's Guide to NYC

A French Girl’s Guide to NYC

When it comes to striking that balance of vintage-meets-modern, perhaps no one does it better than French girl Morgane Sézalory, designer of Paris-based Sézane. And while many of us have been shopping the cool and wearable brand online for the last few years (her stacked-heel ankle boots and printed dresses are particularly on point), we were happy to hear they were making things permanent with their first US storefront in Nolita. On the occasion of L’Appartement’s opening, we checked in with the Parisian in her newly minted second home to find out what spots are on her must-see/must-do list when she’s in town.

  • 6AM

    “As soon as I wake up in New York, I
    check my phone for messages from my
    family, check email and scan our Sézane
    Instagram account for customer
    comments—it’s important for me to have
    a direct line to them. When I’m back in
    Paris, I spend as much time in the
    morning with my daughters Olivia, who
    is almost two, and Nina, who is three.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • 6:30AM

    “In New York I try to beat jet lag by scheduling things very
    early in the morning since I know I’ll be awake anyways–and I
    avoid making plans late at night! I like to practice kundalini
    yoga when I wake up—I discovered it a year ago and love it.
    I’m more into fresh juices than coffee, so I start my day with
    a glass of orange juice.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • “Paris is my home base, so I get swept up in things to do from the moment I wake
    up. In New York, I feel like I can escape a little bit and breathe, explore, be
    inspired, and reinvigorated by the energy of the city.”

  • 8AM

    “I recently visited Maman in Soho. We are partnering
    with them for the café inside our New York L’Appartement. The
    pain au chocolat was incredible, and I love the mismatched
    patterns of their blue china and takeaway coffee cups.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • 10AM

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC

    “I stumbled upon Flower Girl NYC the last time I was in New York. It’s a little gem full of the prettiest blooms; we
    use them in our store.”

  • 11:30AM

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • “I discovered the antiques shop, Olde Good Things,
    on my last visit to New York; it’s a treasure trove
    that you can explore for hours. (They have
    multiple locations across the city.) I began Sézane
    after years of selling vintage clothing online, so
    antique shopping something I really can’t get
    enough of. This shop has incredible original and
    restored pieces—we found the fireplace for our
    New York store here, too.”

  • 2PM

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • “Of course, the place in the city that reminds me most of Paris is our new shop, L’Appartement. We designed it to feel
    like a Parisian flat, and want it to feel inviting and a truly special experience, with a Maman-fueled café, photo booth
    and living room with French films playing. I come in before the shop opens and work with the team on arranging the
    merchandise, the flowers, etc.”

  • 3PM

    “When the team needs a mid-day
    pick-me-up we walk over to Joe &
    the Juice
    on Spring Street.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • 5PM

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • “The sidewalk seating at narcbar at the
    Standard East Village reminds me of Paris in
    the summer, when people can’t wait to enjoy
    the nice weather and the café patrons are
    literally spilling out onto the streets.”

  • 6PM

    “One of the girls in our shop recommended the Musket Room, so my husband and I went to the bar for a cocktail. It’s intimate, the service is impeccable, and I caught a glimpse of the garden out back, which is dreamy.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC
  • 8PM

    “I love a good burger and Raoul’s
    reminds me of a classic French bistro.”

  • A French Girl's Guide to NYC

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