Day in the Life


16 Hours with Lauren Bush Lauren,
Philanthropist (and New Mom)

In the ten years since Lauren Bush Lauren started FEED, a company she first thought up in her dorm room, the philanthropist, CEO, and co-founder has helped donate 100 million meals to children in need. In between hosting grassroots FEED suppers and opening the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store, FEED Shop & Café in Dumbo, Brooklyn, she’s also a new mom to two-year-old James. Amidst it all, she finds the city’s energy to be incredibly addictive—and grounding. “I like the bigness and the smallness of New York,” she says. Here, she takes us through a regular day that starts in her West Village home and sometimes ends in late night Netflix binges.

  • 7:30(ish)AM “I’m not so much a morning person, and I’ve thankfully been blessed with a son who also appreciates a good night’s sleep. My morning starts some time between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. when I get up and shower before getting James ready for the day. We play for a bit and then head downstairs to eat breakfast together. Occasionally I manage to get in a quick morning workout amidst all this, either at home or at a local pre-natal yoga studio called Love Child.”

    Day in the Life
  • “My only rule is to do my best not to be on my phone when I am with my son in the mornings or evenings, so I can be as present with him as possible. Once I leave the house though, all rules are off and I am back on my phone checking emails, texts, Instagram, and listening to Spotify or the occasional podcast as I go about my work day.”
  • 9:30AM “I love the ritual of going to get a coffee in the morning on my way to work. If I am heading straight to the office, I will likely stop at The Elk or Kava Café for my morning latte or flat white.” Day in the Life
  • 10AM “I get to FEED Shop & Café for a meeting or two, or just work with the team to organize and merchandise the store. I try to spend at least one morning or afternoon at the shop each week. It’s interesting to observe and interact with the customers and get real-time feedback. I also love playing shopkeeper and helping merchandise the store.

    One of my favorite features at the store is the live meal counter, which ticks up meals that have been donated as people buy their daily coffee or FEED bags.”
    Day in the Life
  • 12PM “I am back at the FEED HQ, which is located in the Meatpacking district right near the Highline, for meetings.” “My resolution for 2018 is to be fully present, even in the drafting-an-email-while-hailing-a-cab-craziness of my day to day. I’ve been carrying that reminder with me since we launched the Go-Getter Tote, which is meant to be personalized with a goal, hope, or dream for the year.” Day in the Life
  • “My day as CEO tends to vary, which is something I love. I generally spend a few hours on email and the rest of the day is spent in meetings and staying in touch with our giving partners who are on the ground providing meals to kids in need. It’s fun to get to touch all areas of the company and make sure we are staying true to our mission to ‘create good products that help feed the world’.”
  • 2PM “I quickly run out to grab lunch. I am a lifelong vegetarian, so I love all the fresh veggies salads at Sweetgreen or the vegan sushi at Beyond Sushi in Chelsea Market.” Day in the Life
  • 6PM “I head home to play with James for a bit and do our nightly ritual of bath and book time.” Day in the Life
  • 8PM “Once James is all tucked in, I’ll either make a simple dinner for my husband and I to enjoy at home (probably in front of whatever Netflix show we are hooked on at the moment), or I will head out to meet friends for dinner. Some favorite spots are Butcher’s Daughter and Morandi in the West Village. Or if we venture out of the neighborhood, it’s generally uptown to the Polo Bar, which serves delicious food in a cozy and elegant atmosphere.” Day in the Life
  • 12AM “I’m generally in bed by midnight and I make it a point to read for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep. Currently it’s Sons, a sequel to the classic The Good Earth (one of my favorites) by Pearl S. Buck.”

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