Day In The Life

A Bicoastal Designer’s Aspirational LA Setup

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Spend five minutes with Vince’s creative director, Caroline Belhumeur, and it’s clear she’s the company’s best advertisement. The afternoon we dropped by, she’s pure Vince, wearing the sort of easy clothes that are somehow relaxed without looking even a little bit sloppy—a simple grey sweatshirt and languid pants that make us think, That’s brilliant, and yeah, I can totally wear it, too.

Belhumer has fully embraced bringing her work home with her; in fact, she’s invited it to move in. Hints of the brand’s special, well…brand, of quiet, polished style show up all over her mid-century modern home in Laurel Canyon (where she lives when she’s not in New York with her family). We made a mental shopping list of her delicate bud vases, one particularly clutch 1970s leather sofa, and the Viviane Sassen coffee-table books on the shelves.

Mornings start early for Belhumer, often with a hike (when in LA…), and occasionally end with a caffeine-fueled design session before she makes her way to the official office. “I love this time of day,” she says. “It’s a great way to clear my head.”

Then comes the fun part. Sketches, swatches, fittings, and good old-fashioned vintage furniture browsing—her afternoons are given to design and inspiration. We tagged along and, admittedly, started plotting how we can score an invite back.

  • 6AM

    “I’m a morning person, so I start my day early. I love to be outside—I’ll go for a walk or run and connect with nature. I live in the canyons, so the hills are a workout. Plus the views from Mulholland Drive are like nothing else.”

  • 7:30AM

    “I’m into making my own juice, so I’m busy experimenting with chard, spinach, and citrus. The sheer variety of California produce in the winter is amazing. I’ll stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables over the weekend at the Malibu Farmers’ Market.”


“Coffee is essential. I will sit and answer emails or have phone calls with my team or my family back in New York at my dining room table. It’s best with the doors open and the sunlight flooding in.”

“We design for ourselves, so it’s important that we want to wear each piece we put into our stores. For spring, I love our high-waisted pants and suede trench. They’re pieces you can layer into your wardrobe, and they’ll stay in your closet forever.”

  • 1PM

    “We opened a store on Melrose last fall. I’ll stop by, check out the clothes, and talk to the team.”

  • 8538 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90069 | 323.782.1007
  • 2PM

    “If I have time, I like to swing by Orange Furniture on Beverly. It’s this great mix of twentieth-century European and American designs, plus a line of their own lighting and furniture that’s made right here in LA.”

  • 5PM

    “Since I split my time between New York and LA, I try to track down my teenage children for a FaceTime session. Around East Coast dinnertime usually works.”

  • 7PM

    “If I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll go for dinner and drinks at Pace in Laurel Canyon. It’s like my neighborhood cantina. I always order the grilled salmon and white beans. Tonight, I’m meeting one of my daughters there.”

  • 9PM

    “My wind-down routine includes lighting incense to relax and either listening to KCRW or getting acquainted with more of Joan Didion’s writing. I go to bed early. It’s an LA thing.”

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