6 Things Inspiring Claire Olshan Right Now

Written by: the Editors of goop


Published on: December 8, 2022


Claire Olshan is a curator by nature. As an avid art collector and the founder of both the luxury boutique Fivestory and DADA, a snack and lifestyle brand inspired by the Dada movement, she’s an excellent resource for discovering under-the-radar designers, interior inspiration, and wildly creative entertaining ideas (her DADA tablescapes are the stuff of legend). Recently, Olshan, who lives in New York with her two young children, turned her discerning eye to something entirely different: Born Free, a documentary focused on the maternal health crisis in America.

Below, Olshan shares a few of the things that are inspiring her right now.

  • 1

    Born Free

    iTunes, $14.99

    There was nothing in life more obvious to me than getting involved in Born Free. What truly amazed me was that while this film exposes a heartbreaking part of our health care system, it leaves one feeling empowered and energized to save mothers and soon-to-be mothers in need. It’s currently available on iTunes and should be watched by anyone who is a mother or has a mother.

  • 2

    Citizens of Humanity Daphne Jeans

    goop, $218

    As I emotionally feel winter creeping up into all my blood cells, my mind gets laser-focused on coziness. These guys with a sweater, some red socks, and tortoiseshell loafers…Mamma mia!

  • 3

    G. Label by goop Yang High-Cuff Turtleneck Sweater

    goop, $595

    We have hit chic, cozy perfection.

  • 4

    DADA “Baby Won’t You Light My Legs?” Match Striker

    DADA, $75

    Now that we’ve got our seasonal uniform down, it’s time to get our toolkit for entertaining. There should never be an entertaining moment where fire isn’t needed. Candles, joints, your one cig of the year…things that light up give some heat to the entertaining experience.

  • 5

    DADA Vegan Milk Chocolate Elderberry Truffles

    DADA, $23

    Vegan milk chocolate boobies that are so perfect, you will want to bring them to your plastic surgeon and say, “Make me these!”

  • 6

    Vivanterre White Pét-Nat

    Vivanterre, $36

    Last but never least. This is like drinking the love child of Ellsworth Kelly and Dom Pérignon.