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6 Coast-to-Coast Workouts
(and What to Wear)

What’s the best place to go for your endorphin fix? Well, that all depends on your workout of choice, so we’re zeroing in on our favorite sweat sessions from coast to coast. And you know how the perfect sports bra can up your running game? Or a great new pair of yoga pants can make you feel like you can fly right into crow pose? So do we—so we’re including all the gear to take with you.

Ballet Beautiful NYC

Ballet Beautiful NYC’s dance-inspired workouts are a combination of sculpting, toning, and strengthening. A body-skimming leotard in on-pointe pink layered underneath full-length leggings or a floaty skirt spotlights areas of focus—arms, back, posture—for pliés, relevés, jetés…you get the idea.



When it comes to spin classes, like LA newcomer THE WALL, look for streamlined separates without unnecessary bulk: a halter top (note the built-in shelf bra) feels right at home with high-rise anything and is particularly clutch for moving in and out of the saddle. Afterward, throw on a graphic pullover for cooldown.


Rumble Boxing NYC

Though technically a full-body workout, Rumble Boxing NYC concentrates on core strengthening and arm toning during cardio-fueled rounds. A stretch-infused tank top keeps positioning in check for every one-two punch, while ventilated tech-mesh shorts and flex-fit sneakers allow ease of movement when you’re rotating around the bag.


Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson’s ass-kicking dance cardio and muscular structure classes (there are now six studios spanning Los Angeles and New York, plus personal training options in London) demand similarly dynamic gear. Light, breathable shapes, like a relaxed muscle tee and cropped leggings, give you a leg up for every jump, stretch, or lift. A sporty watch completes the equation.

Tracey Anderson Brentwood

Griffin Club LA

In the summer months, taking your workout courtside is a no-brainer. A sheddable zip-up-and-pleated-skirt combination rallies hard at every stroke, wicks away sweat, and is even game for lunch afterward.



Speir—or what we like to think of as Pilates on steroids—is fifty minutes of pure muscle toning, deep stretching, and heart-rate-boosting cardio. A technical matching set—with anatomically sound seams—keeps the focus on form, so that nothing gets in the way of you and the reformer. Just add grippy socks (during) and a plush pullover (after).


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