The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


For the initiated, Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, is nothing short of life—and love—altering. Honing your, and just as importantly, your partner’s love language, does the seemingly simple but indispensable task of pinpointing how you both understand and internalize love most effectively. (And it’s not just romantic love, either, relationships of all kinds can benefit.) For some, it’s hearing those three little words that gets the message across, for others it’s grand romantic gestures or some PDA. Whatever the love language—whether you’re the one doing the talking or listening—we’ve compiled romance-centric gifts that speak to all five.

Words of Affirmation

Sweet nothings, thoughtful compliments, and affectionate declarations in general—not to mention, hearing the words “I love you” on the regular—are all fair game.

Receiving Gifts

A token of appreciation big (jewelry!), or small (chocolates, a signature scent) can go a long way toward communicating that you’re in it for the long run.

Acts of Service

Doing, not saying, is key for acts of service people: Learn how to make their favorite dinner, indulge their affinity for fresh flowers, book a personalized astrology session in their name…you get the idea.

Quality Time

Acknowledging that uninterrupted, all-eyes-on-them quality time is precious—and planning accordingly—is the best way to express that you get what they’re all about.

Physical Touch

This doesn’t necessarily mean hooking up, all physical connections—from walking hand-in-hand, to kissing hello and goodbye, to heavy petting—count.

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