The Under-18 Gift Guide

When it comes to pleasing the littles, results vary drastically by age group: the softest-cutest-coziest things for babies and toddlers (or rather, their parents); interactive, color-happy, imagination-igniting toys for the kid set; and for teens, the things they actually want. P.S. Shop the gift guides IRL at goop GIFT in Los Angeles through December 24.

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Gifts for the Philanthropist


One of the most inspiring organizations in NYC, Girls Write Now has two exceptionally engaging mentoring programs, writing and digital media, which pair underserved teen girls with women writers and digital media professionals, respectively. (One hundred percent of the mentees graduate high school and are accepted into college.) Their separate College-Bound program provides free workshops to an even wider audience of high school students. On the other side of the coast, similarly named, WriteGirl, matches girls in LA with women writers who provide one-on-one mentorship in creative writing, and who attend workshops, panel discussions, and special events together. In the past fifteen years, all of their graduating seniors have gone on to college. GirlsWrite accepts volunteer applications on a rolling basis—interested writers, click here (there are opportunities for men writers to pitch in, too!)—and non-writer types can help fund their impactful events and/or anthologies, a reflection of the diversity of their teen and mentor voices.


The lawyer-driven organization, Children’s Rights, tackles system-wide breakdowns that affect kids around the country, by forcing states to be held accountable for protecting the legal rights (per the constitution, federal, and state law) of children in foster care. In a world in which it often feels like all we’re doing is putting Band-Aids on problems, Children’s Rights is bringing about tangible, structural change that addresses the very roots of injustice.

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