The 2015 goop Gift Guides

The 2015 goop Gift Guides

Whether you want to spend $8 or $8,000, we’ve rounded up some of the most stunning and appealing gift options around—each and every item (a leather travel journal, monogrammed pajamas, an Hermes Apple Watch, a trip to the moon…) is something we’d love to give or receive.

  • For the Centered Soul

    For the Centered Soul

    From beautifully turned-out tarot cards, to a really pretty incense burner, to some good old white sage, everything to make the modern-day hippy happy is right here.

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  • For the Collector

    For the Collector

    There’s plenty to please even the most die-hard aesthete—though a few picks that are legitimately functional.

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  • For the One and Only

    For the One and Only

    “When in doubt, personalize,” has been a mantra here at goop HQ from day one. It’s like a double gift: I found something just for you—and nope, you can’t return it. Here, thoughtful, genuinely useful stuff with the names of your nearest and dearest all over it.

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  • For the Littles

    For the Littles

    Babies and toddlers are notoriously easy to please (you know how it goes…they’re more interested in the box than the toy), but it gets trickier and trickier the older they get. We went straight to the source and polled a bunch of pre-tweens and tweens for what’s topping their list (makeup, gift cards ANYWHERE—but really to Brandy Melville, Sephora, and Lululemon—straight-up cash, and of course, an IO Hawk hoverboard).

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  • For the Dudes

    For the Dudes

    There’s really no guy who is easy to shop for—clichéd but true. In our experience, it’s the classic, simply-designed pieces that appeal to most men. And music. And tech. And booze.

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  • For the Maximalist

    For the Maximalist

    With plenty of not-so-basic basics, the most perfect Michael Kors cape coat, and a handful of gorgeous pieces of jewelry, this might as well be the official team goop wish list.

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  • For the Entertainer

    For the Entertainer

    From begged-them-to-reissue, exclusive-to-goop Staub cookware, to paper-thin glasses, everything any home cook might need to rule their kitchen kingdom (and maybe take the show on the road).

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  • For the Doer

    For the Doer

    In the spirit of everything we all do all year, the selections here revolve around doing nothing at all. While we don’t know anyone who would turn down a gift certificate for a great massage, these gifts are all in the spirit of self-care and small indulgences at home.

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  • For the Wanderer

    For the Wanderer

    Some extra-compelling excuses to dust off the passport and bust out the wheelie bag: Here, accessories to ease the packing process, plus the goop travel pack we’ve finally made official.

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  • For the Office Secret Santa (I.e., Under $50)

    For the Office Secret Santa (I.e., Under $50)

    In the spirit of karma, a round-up of under $50 options that we’d be thrilled to receive: Everything here is generally unisex, eternally re-giftable, and legitimately something anyone can use.

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  • Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gifts

    Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gifts

    While there’s no lack of over-the-top indulgences this time of year (18-karat gold dumbbells, anyone?), this gift guide isn’t just about crazy extravagances, there’s a little ridiculous for every budget.

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