The Cook Gift Guide

From the practical (spices, aprons, knife sets) to the full-on gourmet (herb-growing kit, fancy sea salt, foodie mags galore), all the tools a home cook’s heart desires. Plus, some great experiences for skill sharpening and welcome short-cuts for taking a night off. P.S. Shop the gift guides IRL at goop GIFT in Los Angeles through December 24.

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Gifts for the Philanthropist


Established in 2010 by Alice Waters, ESYP’s mission is to incorporate edible education into the core curriculum of every school in the country. From classrooms where kids learn about food, to gardens where kids learn how to grow their own, to kitchens where kids learn how to cook what they grow—ESPY is dedicated to making food education as basic as reading or arithmetic. The demonstration hub for the Edible Schoolyard learning lab is in Berkeley, where the one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom is incorporated into the curriculum of the city’s urban public middle school, Martin Luther King, Jr.


Meals on Wheels and New York Cares serve thousands of meals this time of year, and have plenty of great volunteer opportunities for large groups and families. For an approach that deals with more systemic issues associated with hunger, we are continually in awe of the work at L.A. Kitchen and Groceryships.

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