The 2017 Holiday Gift Guides

When strategizing our annual personality-driven gift guides, our MO has always been of the more-is-more variety. So in the spirit of overachieving, we’ve added two new dedicated guides—one for dudes, one for pets—and two new cities to our IRL goop GIFT experience: Miami and Newport Beach, in addition to an updated location for New York. Happy GIFTing!

The Host Gift Guide

Never showing up empty-handed is one thing; showing up with a tin of sustainable caviar, a wine decanter that moonlights as a piece of art, or stress-melting bath oil in hand, means a return invitation is guaranteed.

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The Under-18 Gift Guide

When the littles are really little, your aim is to please the ‘rents—with say, a bunny-eared bonnet or baby-sized Christian Louboutins. As they get older, things take a fun-focused turn to tech-y toys, imagination-stretching games, and sporty everything.

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The Dreamer Gift Guide

Shopping for the cerebral types can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Which is why sometimes the idea behind the gift matters more than the gift itself. Here, a ton of options they can really wrap their minds around—from a beautifully bound James Joyce set to wonderfully low-tech games to a private desert sound bath.

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The Personalized Gift Guide

Historically the most jewelry-heavy of the bunch, this year’s monogrammable, engravable, customizable offering runs the gamut from slick leather coasters to living art—and yes, a healthy serving of gold.

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The Lover Gift Guide

What can we say, we’re givers.

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The health nut Gift Guide

This crop of good-for-you goodies has a decidedly high-tech bent—think: a vibrating foam roller and muscle-memory improving headphones—in addition to analog wellness OG’s to help you unplug.

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The stocking stuffer Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers? White elephant exchanges? Secret Santa gifts? The old maxim holds true across the board: The best things come in small packages (and ring in at under $100).

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The Cook Gift Guide

You’ve reaped the rewards of their kitchen prowess all year long. The gourmet deliveries, tools, and cooking aids here are appropriately culinary-centric thank yous—not to mention, encouragement to up the ante in 2018.

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The Traveler Gift Guide

Frequent-flyers have their trusty, likely well-worn, standbys in place. Here, every kind of upgrade, from carry-on friendly beauty to the latest in packable tech—plus, inspiration for the next great adventure.

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The Animal Lover Gift Guide

You asked, we answered: The newest addition to the goop gift guide repertoire is dedicated to our furry friends—and the humans who love them.

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The Guy Gift Guide

The inaugural men’s gift guide is packed with everything from the best bluetooth headphones to new-dad essentials to non-toxic deodorant. In short: everything a goop guy wants (whether he knows it or not).

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The Ridiculous,
But Awesome
Gift Guide

We’ll see your portable yurt and raise you a personal yellow submarine.

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