Just in Time for
the Holidays:
5 Editors’
Wish Lists

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To say goop editors are discerning is something of an understatement. But when your job involves sifting through racks of clothes, attending runway shows, and visiting designers’ studios, you cover a lot of fashion ground. In other words, possibilities are endless and wish lists are long. Five goop editors spill what they’re not-so-subtly hinting for this season.

  • Heaven Saunders profile


    assistant site merchandiser

  • gold thread ear pin
    katkim thread ear pin
    goop, $1,220
  • katkim thread ear pin
    goop, $1,220
  • “When I saw these thread earrings, I knew that were made for me. With twelve ear piercings (can I fit any more?), I’m dreaming of stacking this long string of dainty diamonds over my existing jewelry to make a real statement. I’m sending this one straight to my boyfriend. (Thanks, babe!)”

  • set of six patterned dessert plates
    la doublej dessert plates
    goop, $350
  • la double j dessert plates
    goop, $350
  • “I’m a huge fan of La DoubleJ’s beautiful, color-rich prints and textiles. And the dinner party host in me has been eyeing this set of dessert plates for a while. The six different, complementary, gold-rimmed patterns are totally luxurious—and at the top of my list. My mother just gave me her recipe for pumpkin pie, so I can’t wait to pull these out for my next dinner party.”

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