Holiday Cards for Busy B*&ches

Holiday cards inevitably trigger a range of mixed emotions. While it’s so fun to send and receive updates from far-flung family and friends, it adds yet another to-do on an ever-growing list. Below, our picks for websites that make the process much less painful—they all offer sealing, addressing, and stamping services.

  • Tinyprints


    Tinyprints allows you to search cards by theme (essential, there are thousands of options).

  • Simply to Impress

    Simply to Impress

    Our pick for classically great fonts and simple, elegant design.

  • Minted


    Minted sources designs from independent artists, plus, their “Find It Fast” feature lets you see your photo in several cards at once.

  • Shutterfly


    The editable greetings here are useful if you’re the type that sends out “Happy Hanukah” and “Happy Holidays” to different portions of your mailing list.

  • Postable


    Amazingly, Postable allows you to type custom greetings to everyone on your list —which is a whole lot more efficient than spending hours hunched over your kitchen table writing them out by hand.

  • Artifact Uprising

    Artifact Uprising

    Artifact Uprising’s sleek, modern cards are a hipster’s dream come true. To extend the life of your card, they offer a perforated version that your recipients can repurpose into a gift tag.

  • Paper Culture

    Paper Culture

    If you cringe imagining all the trees that sacrificed themselves for your holiday greetings, go with Paper Culture. They print everything on post-consumer recycled paper and plant trees to offset the carbon footprint involved in making them.

  • Paperless Post

    Paperless Post

    Paperless Post has a few holiday collaborations that would make any design-minded person pretty excited.