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9 Thoughtful Gifts for Year-Round Joy

In partnership with our friends at Purple

It’s always joyous watching a gift exchange go down. (Will they be surprised? Are they going to love it?) But that moment is exactly that—something that lasts a minute or two. What matters, of course, is whether they’ll actually use the gift. The best gifts are those they reach for over and over, the ones that bring a bit of comfort or make life easy. From the softest pj’s to gorgeous dried bouquets, we picked some safe-bet gems that play the long game and keep giving throughout the year. Because wouldn’t it nice to hear them say, months down the line, that the gift you’ve given them has changed their life in some small way?


You don’t need to be a yoga pro to make use of this starter kit. It comes with a yoga strap that’s great for stretching (especially tight hamstrings), cork blocks that can be used in other fitness routines (and as makeshift weights for core exercises), and a bolster and an extra-large cotton blanket for any time you’re on the ground (the blanket’s larger than a queen-size bed). Yoga enthusiasts love Manduka for a reason: Everything the company makes is sustainable, is carefully designed, and lasts for a long time.


Nice pajamas are not something people often think to buy for themselves, which is why they’re the perfect present. A good pair can make you feel excited to get into bed, and this set from Purple is also excellent for helping you get a good night’s sleep. A few editors took these pajamas for a spin and found that they were some of the softest pj’s around. Which makes sense because they’re made from the same stretchy fabric as Purple’s patented bamboo-fiber bedsheets. The material is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and comfortable at night so you can snuggle in underneath the covers. You may want to stay in these all day, thanks to the chic design by the pajama pros over at Sleepy Jones. The key is the loose fit that drapes well and doesn’t bunch up—especially good for people who tend to change positions a lot at night. Plus, they come out of the washer and dryer feeling nice and smooth. Whoever you gift these to will be thinking of you (and thanking you) every morning when they wake up feeling rested.


Gifting someone a plant seems thoughtful, but it requires them to look after it, and that can be a burden. Flowers, however, are another instant way to add warmth to a home, and dried bouquets will never wilt or die. They’ll last for at least a year with proper care, which is mainly keeping them dust-free and out of bright sunlight. The ones from Saint Maide are made to order and designed with rare grasses and flowers, so each of the bundles—which are inspired by and named for female saints—is stunningly unique.


If you want to gift someone a spa experience (of the safe and at-home variety), may we suggest a personal sauna blanket? Perfect for the person in your life who needs to loosen up, the HigherDOSE blanket is made with layers of amethyst, tourmaline, and charcoal. After preheating it, you just wrap yourself up in it like a burrito, and the infrared waves work their magic while you (mentally) chill out. It feels deeply satisfying, soothing, and relaxing, as if tension and stress were melting away. It’s also a good standby for when you want a good sweat but don’t want to work out—you’ll get a nice just-out-of-the-steam-room glow.


The Theragun Mini is a small tool that carries a huge load. This pocket-size percussive massager goes anywhere they go, runs for 150 minutes on one charge, and packs in three speed settings with twenty pounds of force. It’s great for relieving occasional soreness and tightness after a long day of sitting or to loosen joints and muscles before an intense workout. And the size of the mini is the perfect companion for deskside tech-neck support.


Who doesn’t love an orgasm? They’re relaxing, they’re mood-shifting, they’re…necessary. Give the gift of true pleasure with this five-speed vibrator. It has a low-frequency motor, so even the slowest speed delivers deep, rumbly vibrations. The magic is in the cute ears—the tips give off gentle vibrations, while the base offers more intensity. There are seven vibrational patterns to choose from, and it’s quiet and waterproof.


This massage oil is designed to be worked into the back and sides of the neck. For a self-massage, dab a pump or two onto your fingertips and work it onto your neck in a circular motion for fifteen seconds. Then bring your hands to your nose and breathe deeply—the calming oil smells of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense—for an instant chill-out.


Diffusers make a great gift for any occasion—even for people who seem to have everything. This minimalist hand-cast diffuser uses heat rather than vibration to disperse essential oils into the air. To use it, fill the top ceramic dish three quarters full with water, add a few drops of oil, and light the candle at the bottom.


Give your spices a nice home with this modern countertop rack that can also be mounted to a wall. The best part is that it comes preloaded with eighteen jars of Evermill’s quality spices, from harissa to oregano and turmeric, and you can order refill packs online and reuse the glass containers (the dark amber protects the spices from heat and light). Evermill also offers an on-demand delivery program, which brings same-day refills to your door (in select cities).