What 7 Editors Are Gifting for Father’s Day

Created with Avocado

Written by: Aura Davies


Published on: June 8, 2023


Dad types: They’re often not easy to shop for. But we’d wager that our Father’s Day Gift Guide has something—if not several somethings—that will elicit a genuine smile from your father, father figure, grandfather, husband, brother, or friend. Ahead, what seven of us are adding to cart for the people we want to celebrate on June 18.

  • 1

    Gozney Dome Outdoor Oven (Dual-Fuel Propane)

    goop, $2,149

    “My dad is an incredible (and super versatile) cook: Korean-style tacos, beef Wellington, rosemary-and-olive bread—he even has a certificate in sushi making thanks to an intensive course he took in Tokyo a few years back. This professional-grade outdoor oven would make the most amazing gift for him or any father figure who loves spending time in the kitchen. The dual-fuel design makes it easy to bake, roast, smoke, or steam to your heart’s content, and the digital thermometer and air ventilation dial ensure the perfect cook every time.” —Margaret Willes, copy editor

  • 2

    Furtuna Skin Forza d’Agrò After Shave Serum

    goop, $145

    “When I was little, I loved watching my dad shave—I would sit on the bathroom sink next to him while he lathered up his marshmallowy whipped shaving cream (I would spray it all over my face to partake in ‘shaving’). He’s always been low-key and already has everything he needs—so this year I’m upgrading his shaving routine with the most luxurious post-shave serum. It’s fantastically practical (something he’ll appreciate) and pampering. It’s full of invigorating, skin-nourishing ingredients to soothe and moisturize—and my secret way of gently encouraging him to take a little extra time for himself.” —Brianna Peters, associate beauty editor

  • 3

    Therabody Wave Roller

    goop, $99

    “Since retiring a few years ago, my dad has had more time for the outdoor hobbies he’s loved for as long as I can remember—hiking, skiing, cycling, rafting. He and my mom have been making good use of their lifetime senior National Parks passes, and right now they’re in the middle of a two-week bike trip around Normandy. So it’s the perfect time to level up his foam rolling game with this vibrating version from Therabody: It’s intuitive to use and has five settings to help soothe sore muscles so he can feel refreshed for his next excursion.” —Carolyn Stanley, managing editor

  • 4

    Zero-Waste Slatted Side Table

    Avocado, $329

    “Avocado’s wood furniture is built to last for generations. The Zero Waste Collection uses 100 percent upcycled wood—no particleboard or filler—and everything is made to order in Avocado’s FSC-certified Los Angeles woodshop. This handsome side table is a great gift alone but even better styled with a few books. I’d hit up Alias Books East in Atwater and curate a stack my dad would like.” —Jessie Geoffray, wellness director

  • 5

    Glerups Slip-Ons

    goop, $100

    “OMG I live for Glerups. They are absolutely life-changing. The thing about them is this: If you have a pair of Glerups, you will never have cold feet again; you are always less than a minute away from having toasty-warm feet. They look adorable and vaguely Scandinavian (you know Lukas Matsson is padding around in them) on men, women, and children, and the bottoms are brilliantly unslippery. I love them so much, I bring them on vacation. And, of course, I give them to everyone I know. Even Megan has a pair at this point.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

  • 6

    goop Beauty Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

    goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    “In my experience of giving solicited and unsolicited goop Beauty skin-care recommendations, Microderm is the one most likely to wow men and women equally. As Gwyneth said many years ago, this exfoliator really is like a powerful facial in a little jar. Expect him to FaceTime you while using it, or after to show off his glow.” —Kiki Koroshetz, VP of content

  • 7

    God’s True Cashmere Amber Black Tartan Shirt

    goop, $2,350

    “The best gift I ever bought my father was a $15 T-shirt I found on Amazon that said ‘I like coffee and maybe three people.’ It was a hit—and I know I’ll never top that. Much as I love our goop gift guides, we just don’t have anything that can compete on that level. But I do think an Italian-made plaid cashmere shirt finished with hand-carved gemstone snaps might layer really nicely over his coffee-and-three-people shirt. Who doesn’t love a good high-low mix?” —Aura Davies, deputy editor