The 2023 goop Holiday Video: Choose Your Gwyneth

Written by: Aura Davies


Published on: November 14, 2023

Fashion: G. Label by goop and Gwyneth’s archive. Jewelry: De Beers Jewellers and G. Label by goop.

Sure, it’s a lot of work to put together our annual holiday gift guides, but while doing so, we get to ponder questions like: Does a $73,000 Louis Vuitton baby trunk belong in the Kid’s Gift Guide or the Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide? (There’s no wrong answer here.) How many vibrators is too many for the Lover’s Gift Guide? (We haven’t found the limit yet.) What’s a four-word caption for a champagne saber? (“Party like it’s 1799.”) The most fun question of all, though: What are we going to do for our annual holiday video?

Gwyneth has always been game for (almost) anything our creative team can dream up. Pose in a milk bath? Been there. Nude except for gold body paint? Done that. But for this year’s holiday video, they upped the ante, casting her in not one but seven different roles. Hit play, watch the video, and choose your fighter Gwyneth. (No wrong answer here either.)


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    10" & 12" Frypan Set
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  2. ROEN
    Eyeline Define Eyeliner
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    The Reloader
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    Colorblur Glow Balm
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  5. Tangerine
    Cannon Beach Pickleball Paddle
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    DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro
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  7. Ladurée
    goop-Exclusive Macarons Gift Box
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  8. Richard Brendon
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  9. Heretic
    Dirty Santa Candle
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