12 Presents Destined for Holiday Greatness

There are those presents that are so big, so exciting, so extravagant that we quickly run out of adjectives. We all know one—that thing (maybe two things?) that is just impossibly special. The present that will make 2018 indelible. Will we actually be receiving a Tesla Model 3 or an escape to Bhutan under the tree? Maybe. Or maybe dreaming big is the whole point.



    van cleef arpels bracelet
    Vintage Alhambra Bracelet
    Van Cleef & Arpels, $4,950

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    “I’m such a fan of Van Cleef & Arpels’s classic Alhambra collection. This holiday season, I am dying to splurge on this piece and layer it with my smaller, rose-gold version. Lately, I’m trying to adopt a
    less-is-more mind-set, saving up for timeless pieces so I can wear my favorite jewelry daily.”

  • lydia fenet


    room to grow
    Room to Grow DONATION

    “I have the privilege of raising money for so many incredible nonprofits around the world as the lead charity auctioneer for Christie’s. I always look forward to working with Room to Grow as they raise critical funds to help families living in poverty have everything they need to help their babies learn, grow, and succeed. As a mom of three small children, I understand the importance of the early childhood years and how critical it is to set children up for success in life with access to education and healthy habits.”

    pink turtleneck sweater
    sally lapointe
    rib-knit sweater
    Moda Operandi, $1,200

    “As a Southerner who prefers the blazing sun to a winter blizzard, I am always looking for a sweater that is chic but cozy. Sally LaPointe is the perfect choice.”



    black tesla model 3
    tesla model 3
    Tesla, from $46,000

    “I am totally uninterested in cars. And my answer to people who get new ones and rave about gas mileage is always: ‘Do you know how much energy it takes to make a new car?’ However, I got to test-drive a Tesla Model 3—and now it’s all I want. So gigantic are the windows, I felt like I was seeing NYC from a totally new perspective. Everything is super cushy and tech-forward on the inside, plus the concept of turning on my car with my phone so it heats up before I get in is absolutely irresistible. And I loathe the smell of gas, so the prospect of never having to pump it again is a wild luxury. But the biggest, truest luxury is voting with my dollars for clean energy. I want the world—the natural world and the business world—to be healthier and cleaner and saner.”

    dunton hot springs landscape
    Dunton hot springs
    Dunton Life, from $630 per night

    “After a brilliant sunny day snowshoeing—or
    cross-country skiing—in the Rocky Mountains, I want to soak in the natural hot springs at Dunton Hot Springs as the setting sun turns the snow pink all around me; have one of the resort’s epic, super fresh dinners on beautiful china; then walk back to my chic, repurposed nineteenth-century mining cabin in the bright moonlight. The next day will hopefully be a full-on blizzard. I will sleep in, surrounded by fluffy duvets and plant-based shower luxuries, then spend the day alternating between what has to be the most beautiful bath—natural or otherwise—on earth and Dunton’s library, where you can curl up with a book and a drink and watch the snow fall.”


    Owner and Cofounder of The Black Tomato Group,
    a luxury travel and lifestyle brand

    bhutan landscape
    bhutan & india spiritual sights & ayurveda
    Black Tomato, Price upon request

    “A restorative luxury wellness adventure to Bhutan and Northern India. From the base of the luxurious, newly opened Six Senses lodges, I’d embark on an exploration, joining local monks for daily prayers at hillside temples, trying my hand at Bhutan’s national sport of archery, and trekking to the Tiger’s Nest. This unique monastery is perched on a cliff’s edge overlooking a deep valley and is the perfect spot to appreciate Bhutan’s Buddhist culture. Then on to India, the home of yoga and Ayurveda. I’d start by exploring India’s world wonder, the Taj Mahal, and the Agra Fort with an expert guide, before retreating to the foothills of the Himalayas and staying at the world-class wellness retreat Ananda.”

    romowa black stealth suitcase
    topas stealth 22″ cabin trolley suitcase
    Rimowa, $1,375

    “Light as a feather, the Rimowa Stealth suitcase in black is perfect for tropical travel or safaris—where smaller planes have limits on weight—and it’s also ideal for long weekends.”

  • noora raj brown

    svp of communications

    apparatus studio incense burner
    apparatus studio synapse
    Apparatus Studio, $8000

    “I swoon over everything Apparatus Studio creates. At the New York studio, you can actually watch a team of artisans handmake the items. This brass orb, suspended between two glass domes, is pretty enough to live as an objet d’art but also functions as lighting.”

    la doublej dessert plate set
    la doublej dessert plates
    goop, $350

    “Is it too much to match your wildly patterned La DoubleJ skirt to your dessert plates? When both feature JJ Martin’s impeccable eye for prints, I think it’s matchimalism at its finest. Best of all, these are dishwasher-safe, so you can spend more time with an after-dinner cocktail and less on clean-up.”

    hermes surfboard
    Hermès Surfboard
    Hermès, $7,700

    “It’s no surprise this Hermès masterpiece found a home in goop’s Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide. I don’t know how to surf, but suddenly I have a deep yearning to have this jungle-motif-covered board hanging on my wall.”

  • danielle pergament

    editor in chief, goop

    eames black lounge chair and ottoman
    Eames lounge chair and ottoman
    Herman Miller, $4,500

    “The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman have a lot of history for me. They came out in 1956, but they’re so perfectly designed, they’re just as beautiful today. My dad had this chair and ottoman. I can picture him reading one of his Graham Greene or John Steinbeck novels in the library, next to the fire. He looked so comfortable, so content. Even as a kid, I remember thinking how peaceful those quiet moments were. My dad, the fire, the warmth of that chair, a great book—that was home to me.”

    Singita Explore Tanzania
    Singita, from $4,425 per night

    “Singita has about a dozen high-end lodges—all amazing—but this particular one is quite literally made for you. The staff will construct an outrageously luxurious tent (based on your needs) in the middle of the Serengeti. So every conceivable indulgence is there as you watch herds of elephants, giraffes, exotic antelope-type-creatures-you-can’t-totally-identify meander past. It’s like the Garden of Eden—but better, because the remarkable thing about Singita is its commitment to sustainability and community. I’m so impressed with this company and its ability to bring us closer to nature in a respectful, beautiful way.”

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