What’s at the Top of goop
    Editors’ Wish Lists

What’s at the Top of goop
Editors’ Wish Lists

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When part of your job involves sourcing the most beautiful clothes, jewelry, furniture, art, even travel experiences, there’s a fair amount of self-restraint that’s called for. But if you took out the self-restraint part? We asked five goop editors what’s currently at the top of their fantasy shopping lists.

  • JOHN WOGAN Black and White Headshot


    travel features editor

    “It’s just a fantasy for now, but my ideal LA car would be a 2019 BMW 8 Series, which comes with LED LaserLights, merino leather seating, and a sixteen-speaker Harman Kardon audio system. I can’t think of anything better to drive up Highway 1 on the weekends.”

  • BMW 2019 BMW 8 Series BMW, from $111,900
  • SAUL LEITER, Run, Don’t Walk (1952), photographic chromogenic print SAUL LEITER, Run, Don’t Walk (1952), photographic chromogenic print Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, price upon request “I’m obsessed with the work that photographer Saul Leiter did in New York in the 1940s and ’50s (like this). It captures little slices of life that make the city seem so cinematic and mysterious.”
  • AMY MEIER Forme No. 2 AMY MEIER Forme No. 2 Amy Meier, $400 “I’m a big fan of interior designer Amy Meier, who just opened her own shop in Rancho Santa Fe, about two hours south of LA. She designed a collection of geometric forms that are refined but also edgy and would look perfect on a mantle or dining room table as a centerpiece.”
  • JAMES PERSE Tote JAMES PERSE Tote James Perse, $495 “I live a few blocks from the beach and go there often, so I’d get a lot of use out of this tote. It’s handwoven and sturdy, and I can pack in all the beach gear I need—plus the ton of books and magazines I bring with me.”
  • ARO HA Wellness Retreat ARO HA Wellness Retreat Aro Ha, retreats from $3,400 for a six-day, five-night package “Investing in experiences is just as important to me as objects, and a trip to New Zealand is at the very top of my list. I’d go to Lake Wakatipu, on the South Island, which looks like another planet, and stay at Aro Ha Wellness Retreat. I’d do the daily mindfulness practices and yoga, eat super healthy vegetarian-based meals, go on alpine hikes, and hopefully return to LA with a new well of serenity to tap into.”
  • Danielle Pergament Black and White Headshot

    Danielle Pergament

    editor in chief

    “It belongs on a veranda overlooking the Mediterranean. But until I actually own the house that goes with it, this chair will be transporting every time I look at it. A tiny vacation hanging in my living room.”

  • CB2 swing chair CB2 swing chair CB2, $1,299
  • SACAI x THE NEW YORK TIMES TRUTH COLLABORATION hoodie SACAI x THE NEW YORK TIMES “TRUTH” COLLABORATION hoodie Saks Fifth Avenue, $420 “When The New York Times took out a full-page ad about the importance of truth, the importance of journalism, I ripped it out and saved it. It’s an idea that transcends politics and rises above divisiveness. When I saw that same ad on a sweatshirt—especially one this warm and cozy—it felt like literally wearing my heart on my sleeve.”
  • Vanrycke earring Vanrycke earring goop, $551 “It’s really more art than earring. It belongs on someone who wears cool breezy linen and studied graphic design. To be clear, that is not me, but I’m in favor of pretending it is once in a while.”
  • ANGEL CITY LUMBER custom bench ANGEL CITY LUMBER custom bench Angel City Lumber, price upon request “This company takes fallen trees and turns them into finished slabs so the trees don’t go to waste. The mission is as beautiful as the work. Seeing the natural knots and grain of the wood is the opposite of what my husband calls ‘mass-produced old stuff.’ You can make a headboard, coffee table, dining room table—I won’t stop until my home looks an indoor forest.”
  • DINNER FOR TWO AT FELIX RESTAURANT, VENICE DINNER FOR TWO AT FELIX RESTAURANT, VENICE “My husband and I used to live in Italy and got married there eleven years ago. The signature cocktail at our wedding was an Aperol spritz, and my husband (lovingly) told me that if I used the words ‘signature’ and ‘cocktail’ next to each other again, the marriage might not last as long as the wedding. Nevertheless, I often get nostalgic for the food, the wine, the event of dinner in Italy—and even 8,000 miles from Rome, Felix trattoria is the antidote.”
  • Stacey Lindsay Black and White Headshot

    Stacey Lindsay


    “Like so many friends and colleagues, I’m always battling how short the day is—I always need a few more hours to get everything done. Which is why a little assistance is golden. I love how this chic smart speaker sends calendar reminders and answers even the most trivial questions.”

  • GOOGLE Home GOOGLE Home Google, $129
  • goop x CB2 white wine glass goop x CB2 white wine glass goop, $16 “One of my favorite forms of meditation: sipping natural wine out of a beautiful piece of stemware. I love how these glasses are whisper-light and slightly curved.”
  • Staub x goop Cocotte Staub x goop Cocotte goop, $360 “Investing in gorgeous, multiuse kitchenware is a sure-fire way to see friends more often. If I had this cocotte, I’d finally (attempt to) make Julia Child’s beef bourguignon—and I’d invite all my friends over to show it off. I’d also order a few pizzas as backup.”
  • LAN JAENICKE Blouse LAN JAENICKE Blouse Lan Jaenicke, $495 “I discovered Lan Jaenicke’s architectural clothing nearly ten years ago in San Francisco, and I’ve since been a loyal follower. Her minimal, considered pieces are a study in contrast: They combine sharp, masculine angles with soft, feminine fabrics. Her silk blouses in shades of red this season have me rapt.”
  • MARGARET SOLOW Earrings MARGARET SOLOW Earrings Quadrum Gallery, $430 “Drop earrings make the sexiest accessory to any outfit, particularly when they’re paired with a bare neckline. I love this gorgeous green. The bright, auspicious color complements any outfit—and makes my complexion glow.”
  • FARROW & Ball Sulking Room Pink FARROW & Ball Sulking Room Pink Farrow & Ball, $110 per gallon “I’ve been spinning over what color to paint an accent wall in our loft. I want the Annie Lennox of colors—a shade that can’t be put in a category. For six months, I’ve painted small squares of sample paint all over. But my search ended last week when I met Farrow & Ball’s new Sulking Room Pink. As soon as I looked at this moody, sultry, warm hue, ‘Sweet Dreams’ started playing in my head.”
  • NANDITA KHANNA Black and White Headshot


    editorial projects director

    “Candida Höfer’s majestic, large-scale photography of empty spaces (particularly libraries) is something I’ve admired for years. The meticulous composition combined with the sheer scale and detail of the space is truly a book nerd’s dream.”

  • Candida Höfer, British Library, London IX, 1994 Candida Höfer, Library, London IX, 1994 Artsy, starting bid $2,500
  • Hancock Design x the Cartorialis Mooner wallpaper Hancock Design x the Cartorialis Mooner wallpaper Hancock Design, $8 per square foot (printed to order) “I first stumbled upon Carly Kuhn’s work on Instagram (@thecartorialist), which has become the place I get inspiration for just about everything—from the next spot I want to go on vacation (Il Pellicano) to the Breccia Capraia marble I want in my dream bathroom (it’s the one Jenna Lyons has). I bought my first print from Carly at STRIIIKE and have since added a surfer print to my collection. She teamed up with Brigette Romanek and Estee Stanley of Hancock Design to create five custom prints inspired by her whimsical illustrations. I’m partial to the Mooner print in dusty pink tucked away in a small space, like a closet or a powder room.”
  • CVC Stones Necklace CVC Stones Necklace The Line, $3,720 “There’s this unique found-in-nature quality to CVC Stones jewelry. Many of the pieces feature one-of-a-kind pebbles that are found on the beach, but they’re made more special with the addition of inlaid diamonds. It’s the kind of piece I’d wear often—every day with a blouse to work or for more special occasions with a simple silk slip dress. I’d like two to layer at different lengths, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself. One works.”
  • Ariel Gordon Ring Ariel Gordon Ring goop, $1,195 “This delicate diamond coupled with a super thin band makes the perfect upgrade for my ring stack.”
  • goop x CB2 Bench with Bolster Pillows goop x CB2 Bench with Bolster Pillows CB2, $1,899 “I’ve joked for years that I’ll really know I’ve ‘made it’ when I have room in my home for a fainting couch. This beautiful leather lounger is my favorite piece from the goop x CB2 collaboration and comes pretty close to what I’ve always envisioned. Design-wise, it’s the perfect balance between Deco and mid-century modern and done up in ivory, it feels very LA.”

    Eileen Hayes

    fashion editor

    “This dream tenet necklace is a piece that doesn’t go unnoticed but can be worn every day with anything from a T-shirt to an evening dress. I love that I can add links and charms that carry meaning and memories—especially heirloom pieces I’ve collected over the years.”

  • FOUNDRAE NECKLACE FOUNDRAE NECKLACE Available at goop shop NYC, $3,495
  • LG Steam clothing care system LG Styler clothing care system LG, $1,554.99 “I recently stayed at a hotel with the LG cleaner, and now my dream is to own one. It adds an instant refresh to clothing—steaming, drying, and my favorite, a desensitizing option without the chemicals. It’s such a luxury to cut down on runs to the dry cleaner.”
  • Joseph COAT Joseph COAT goop, $2,495 “A modern take on classic peacoat that I’ll reach for every winter. Not to mention the cozy factor is off the charts.”
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948), Orinda Theatre, Orinda Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948), Orinda Theatre, Orinda Christie’s “Hiroshi Sugimoto beautifully photographs the interiors of historic old theaters with a large-format camera illuminated by the film screen. This theater is in the small Bay Area town that I grew up in and holds memories of seeing childhood classics.”
  • wecare spa wecare spa wecare, retreats from $1,108 for a three-day, two-night package “Once a year, I do a detox. This year I would love to take it up a notch (or ten) and go to WeCare spa in Desert Hot Springs for a long weekend. Alongside the detox program, it offers movement classes and spa treatments for a total mental and physical reset.”