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The Trick to a Flawless Complexion, a Wilderness Getaway & 13 Other Things We’re Talking About

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  • Artis Brush
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    “We’re mostly makeup-free at goop HQ, but sometimes for an evening out, I require a little more…help. This Artis brush is made from super
    soft fibres, and it blends foundation or concealer so seamlessly, I forget I have anything on my face. The brush design is so chic, I don’t mind leaving it out on my vanity, either.”
    —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications

    ARTIS ELITE OVAL 7 BRUSH, Artis, $62

  • Chelsea Salad Plate
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    Hint Hint, a gift registry site, is one of the best things I’ve come across online. (And this is from someone who bristles at registries.) It allows you to create a gift list for a wedding, shower, party, you name it, or a wish list that you can send to people as a little hint. Forget that it’s easy and fun to use and includes a gigantic assortment of goods (goop loot included)—what I love is that it invites everyone to take part.”
    —Stacey Lindsay, editor

    GOOP X CB2 CHELSEA SALAD PLATE, goop, $16.95

  • bowl of pasta with clams
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    “I live in Santa Monica with my fiancé, and we love walking to the beach on Sunday afternoon and then finding a local spot for dinner. We recently came across an Italian spot, Uovo. It’s super small, and there’s usually a wait, but the pasta is unreal. It’s handmade with some kind of magic ingredient—I’ve never tasted anything so good.”
    —Kelly Burke, chief of staff

  • leather firewood tote

    Photo Courtesy of Chris Hornbecker

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    “As someone that grew up in New England, aka the foliage capital of the US, I realized I hadn’t seen a non-green, non-palm tree in too many autumns. The cure was a glorious fall weekend at the Suttle Lodge, a two-hour drive from Portland, Oregon. The lodge and cabins are just rustic enough, with a dusting of quirky-chic (it’s managed by the same people that run the Ace Hotel Portland). The cocktail bar and roaring fire would have been enough, but the weekend—and my waistline—were rounded out by a fall-foraging-inspired meal prepped by Joshua McFadden, the chef behind Ava Gene’s and Tusk in Portland. I’m already planning a trip back when the weather is warm and the boathouse is open.”
    —Sarah Carr, email marketing coordinator

    THE SUTTLE LODGE, rooms from $65 per night

  • women belong in the house cover
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    “Jenny Kaplan was inspired by her own mother’s run for Congress to create Women Belong in the House, a podcast focused on the stories of the record-breaking number of women currently running for office. The weekly podcast highlights why it’s been so difficult for women to get a foothold in politics, from the confidence gap to the pressures of fund-raising, and why most women don’t consider running at all. Kaplan’s storytelling is both informative and inspiring, accessible even if you’re not heavily entrenched in politics. It’s a dose of positive news in these trying times.”
    —Micere Johnson, editorial assistant

  • third hotel book cover
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    “Laura van den Berg’s
    thirty-seven-year-old protagonist Clare shows up in Havana to attend a film festival for a horror movie. While in Cuba, Clare runs into her husband, which is strange considering that he died in an accident five weeks earlier. From there, I dropped hard into Clare’s rabbit hole as she tries to parse reality from fantasy. But the passages that I read and reread, underlined and starred, were the ones on the mundane; van den Berg’s insight into what makes a marriage, and how you can know a person so well and yet know so little, is now permanently lodged in my brain.”
    —Kiki Koroshetz, senior wellness editor


  • firewood tote
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    “I’ve been eyeing this firewood tote for a while, and when I saw it at goop Lab NYC, it sealed the deal. By nature, I can’t stand clutter. This piece is both functional and pretty—it adds a little something extra to the room while cleaning it up.”
    —Emily Altieri, senior manager, marketing and brand development

    GOOP X CB2 FIREWOOD TOTE, goop, $499

  • nada grocery
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    “I’ve been following the progress of this woman-owned, #zerowaste grocery in Vancouver since its crowdfunding campaign, and it’s finally a reality. Since most bread comes wrapped in plastic, its package-free bread section is downright dreamy.”
    —Andrea Arria-Devoe, sustainability editor

    NADA GROCERY, 675 East Broadway, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

  • la food shop

    Photo Courtesy of @alexfrankel

  • la food shop

    Photo Courtesy of @lafoodshop

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    “I pride myself on knowing about the newest, zeitgeist-y things happening in LA, so imagine my surprise when two of my best friends, Jenni and Corey, took me to dinner at LA Food Shop, a pop-up restaurant in Venice that I’d never heard of. It’s pretty great: You’re given an address which drops you off on a dark, secluded residential corner. Most people are standing around in groups of three or four, clutching a bottle of wine. Then, at 7:30 p.m. on the nose, the garage doors ceremoniously open, and you’re greeted by two long, candlelit dinner tables that appear to go on for miles. (Or like, sixty seats each.) The menus vary from dinner to dinner—ours had these insane Mediterranean-style nachos to start, and star anise ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Everything is family-style, and you end up getting to know your neighbors. It’s one of the best things I’d done in LA so far.”
    —Nandita Khanna, editorial projects director

  • bed
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    “I’ve been furiously working on getting our guest room ready and comfortable and looking impressive in time for my in-laws’ visit next month. (Hi, Arlene and Denny!) The Inside is a direct-to-consumer company in the business of custom furniture that looks rich without costing a fortune. For the Square Back Bed, I got to pick from something like a hundred pattern and fabric options; the one I chose is a collaboration with Christene Barberich. It was delivered fast—so fast that I wasn’t prepared with hiring someone to put it together. Turns out, my husband and I were able to do it ourselves. And if we can do it, anyone can. Now I have my eye on the Modern Bench in Clare V’s lotus print for the living room.”
    —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

    THE INSIDE SQUARE BACK BED, The Inside, $699

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    “New York–based Australian David Prior is a former contributing editor of Condé Nast Traveler and Vogue Living and seems to know every amazing spot around the world—especially when it comes to food (he used to work with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse). So I was excited to learn that he recently launched his own company, Prior. It’s a travel club that creates personalized, one-off trips that’ll get members access to almost impossible-to-wrangle experiences (a weekend cooking at chef Massimo Bottura’s country house in Italy, a private tour of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, a scientist-led diving trip on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef). And a portion of the price of every trip goes toward the destination’s cultural or environmental protection and preservation.”
    —John Wogan, travel features editor

    PRIOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP, Prior Club, annual membership fee starting at $2,500

  • green hair dryer
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    “I just bought a second blow-dryer because my husband keeps ‘borrowing’ mine. I wash my hair every day—too much, I know—and this is such a time-saver. It cuts my drying time in half.”
    —Tina Lovinggood, senior director, sourcing

    HARRY JOSH PRO DRYER 2000, goop, $249

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    “I’ve always been wary of climbing movies, mostly because I don’t want to watch a documentary where the central tension is whether or not the subject will die. Free Solo doesn’t break that tradition exactly—it follows free soloist Alex Honnold as he prepares for an (insane) climb up El Capitan, without ropes—but it does bring those ethics into the film itself. Facing mortality is also, a little, the point: As Honnold suggests, the more we live with the reality of death closer to us, the more we really live. Plus, it’s often laugh-out-loud funny; there are breathtaking shots of Yosemite…the whole thing is mesmerizing and arresting and stays with you for days. I can’t stop telling random people to go see it.”
    —Jessie Geoffray, associate editor

    Free Solo is in theaters now. Find the nearest one here.

  • goop London
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    “It’s notoriously hard for me to stay still during any episode of anything, but I’m addicted to Amazon’s suspenseful new show Homecoming. It’s directed by the creator of Mr. Robot, so the comparisons are inevitable, but I think it stands on its own two feet (especially if those feet belong to Julia Roberts). The episodes are short but potent—I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be scared, paranoid, or both. I felt breathless after zipping through four episodes in, yes, one sitting.”
    —Samantha Saiyavongsa, assistant editor

    Catch season one of Homecoming on Amazon Prime Video, and listen to GP interview Julia Roberts about Homecoming on The goop Podcast here.