Chicest Ways to Get Out of Town

Photo courtesy of Singita Ebony Lodge, South Africa

The Chicest Ways
to Get the Eff
Out of Town

One vacation just passed and that can mean only one thing: It’s time to start planning the next one. We asked five goop staffers what trips are on their radar, what they’ll be packing, where they’ll be staying, what they’ll be doing, and in at least one case, which wild animals might just be lurking in the bush.



  1. Charlotte Ross Canet
  2. Charlotte Ross Canet

    creative copywriter

    “My college bestie’s bachelorette party is a culinary and cultural tour. For me, there’s no other city (or person) in the world that warrants the double-digit flight time—for a weekend!—away. The Parisian perks I’m particularly jazzed about: sunset cruise on the Seine, a dress rehearsal of Swan Lake at the Opéra Bastille, window-gazing at Pierre Frey, breaking and entering (via my friend’s work-key fob) the Chanel corporate offices, pocketing as many scarves and whimsies at Fragonard as my carry-on can manage, catching up with friends in the Hoxton’s plush terry robes, relishing every last frite and martini, and walk, walk, walking it all off—baguette in hand.”

  1. Jillian Dempsey Khol Eyeliner
    jillian dempsey eyeliner
    goop, $20

    “One of our beauty editors recently turned me on to Jillian Dempsey’s line. Her vibrating wand is at the top of my wish list, but I went for this kohl pencil first. To me, eyeliner is to Paris what sunscreen is to a desert island.”

  2. Ulla Johnson Bise Puff Sleeve Top
    ulla johnson top
    goop, $445

    “I’m growing wiser about bringing the bare minimum on trips. Paris in February makes it easier to stick to a monochrome palette. This top feels like a fancier version of my favorite T-shirt. Pretty puff sleeves, point d’esprit, sheeny material—I can go from museum to ballet to dinner to dancing without any hotel pit stops. It looks just as good with jeans as it does with a slit-front midi skirt.”

  3. Lizzie Mandler Knife Edge Link Drops with Pave Huggies
    lizzie mandler earrings
    goop, $2,270

    “I wear huggies every. Single. Day. I’m a sucker for the subtle glimmer and classic yellow-gold-and-teeny-pavé combination. That, and they don’t pull if I forget to take them off before hitting the pillow. This pair is a twofer, meaning keep the drop chain add-on on standby to take them from zero to cabaret.”

  4. Tibi Finn Twill Cropped Trench Coat
    tibi coat
    goop, $695

    “I recently bought this trench at the goop Lab in Brentwood. (Hi, Elgin, Price, Laurel!) And never looked back. I left my coats behind when I moved west from NYC. A close second to a shearling or puffer: this with my toasty cable-knit Joseph turtleneck, which I rarely get to wear in LA.”

  5. Khaite Raquel Cropped Flare Jeans
    khaite pants
    goop, $340

    “Ever since Protagonist shuttered, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with Assembly Brands’ rising star, Khaite. Jeans are their bread and butter. Here, the coppery topstitching and cool patch pockets have an unexpected, hard-to-pin-down quality—like you have some insider-y Downtown LA denim hookup.”

  6. What Comes Around Goes Around Chanel 2.55 Lambskin Bag
    AROUND chanel 2.55 bag

    goop, $3,950

    “When in Rome Paris.”

  7. Olivia von Halle Daria Silk Pajama Set
    olivia von halle pajamas
    goop, $714

    “These pretty pj’s (plus room service) bring a silver lining to the prospect of jet lag. If I get a second wind, they’ll look just as chic with heels and earrings for dinner with friends.”

  8. By Far Lada Booties
    by far booties
    goop, $510

    “I just took three pairs of black booties to Goodwill heaven. So I’m using this trip as an excuse to buy one beautifully simple pair. In LA, you can get away with wearing them year-round with jeans and a tee or a floaty dress. Cobbler’s fee brilliantly averted.”

  9. Heretic Florgasm Perfume
    heretic perfume
    goop, $165

    “Giverny in a bottle.”



  1. Lydia Kim
  2. lydia kim

    senior director, merchandising operations

    “Since moving back to California two years ago, I’ve been talking about Mexico. Specifically Baja. Since it’s so much closer, no more excuses. I’m finally going to Cabo next month. Whale watching, snorkeling, relaxing at the beach with some fish tacos and a margarita—it’s going to be an unbelievable getaway.”

  1. Vive Sana Daily Protezione SPF 30 Sunscreen
    vive sana sunscreen
    goop, $55

    “Working at goop (for the past three and a half years!), I’ve become more cognizant of wearing sunscreen as part of my daily routine. This is my new favorite.”

  2. Natalie Martin Marlien Maxi Dress
    natalie martin dress
    goop, $198

    “Natalie Martin’s silk batik dresses are so low-key and wispy, they feel like a vacation on skin—the ideal complement to any tropical getaway.”

  3. Super Tuttolente Panama Sunglasses
    super sunglasses
    goop, $260

    “I had and loved a pair of Super sunglasses but saw them sink to the bottom of a lake last year. So when I saw these hit the goop shop, I instantly added them to my cart. They’re the perfect reincarnation of my beloved everyday pair.”

  4. Tropic of C South Pacific Top
    tropic of c top
    goop, $90
  5. Tropic of C South Pacific High Rise Bottoms
    tropic of c bottom
    goop, $80

    “You can never go wrong with a classic black bikini. Full stop. Consider the sculptural underwire and retro-inspired waistline welcome bonuses.”

  6. Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint
    tata harper lip tint
    goop, $39

    “I carry this around everywhere I go, in case I need a quick pick-me-up. I love how it does double duty as a lip gloss and blush, and the color is sheer enough to provide a natural boost.”

  7. Sensi Studio Woven Straw Maxi Tote
    sensi studio tote
    goop, $246

    “I love the pop of color this dip-dyed straw tote adds to any outfit. It’s also big enough to fit just about everything you could possibly need for a beach day.”

  8. K Jacques Calfat Sandals
    k jacques sandals
    goop, $310

    “I’ve been searching for a pair of easy everyday sandals with a snug ankle wrap that are also cute enough to wear at night. These K Jacques ones do the trick.”



  1. Alyssa Nelsen Geiger
  2. alyssa nelsen geiger

    creative copywriter

    “Marfa, Texas—an artsy, desert hub that’s home to the works of Donald Judd, eccentric yurt hotels, epic parties, and a famously abandoned installation called Prada Marfa—is one of those mystical, middle-of-nowhere spots that’s been on my radar for some time. So when a friend asked if I wanted to go off the grid for a yoga retreat there, guess what I said.”

  1. Olio e Osso No. 1 Clear Lip Balm
    olio e osso lip balm
    goop, $28

    “This do-it-all balm is the perfect plus-one for any long-weekend trip: Chapped lips? Dry cuticles? Crazy flyaways? Done, done, done.”

  2. Venyx Aton Lucky Coin Necklace
    venyx necklace
    goop, $7,231

    “Here, a cool celestial coin pendant to match my itinerary: star-gazing at the McDonald Observatory.”

  3. Nili Lotan Aria Denim Jumpsuit
    nili lotan jumpsuit
    goop, $725

    “Getting lost in the desert or getting loose at the local watering hole—a faded denim jumpsuit is up for anything. And this lived-in ’70s version has Marfa’s name all over it.”

  4. Nili Lotan Travis Denim Shirt
    nili lotan top
    goop, $450

    “I will be living out all my Western-y cowboy dreams in this deep-indigo Nili Lotan denim shirt, which isn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves and get a little dirty.”

  5. Apiece Apart Denim Merida Pants
    apiece apart pants
    goop, $295

    “Because you can’t pack a pair of great-fitting leather boots if you don’t have super-wide-leg culottes to go with them. And that rich cognac hue really has the whole Lone Star State thing going on.”

  6. De Mamiel Altitude Oil
    de mamiel oil
    goop, $48

    “I never board without it.”

  7. Janessa Leone Billie Hat
    janessa leone hat
    Janessa Leone, $202

    “Janessa Leone—maker of mysterious hats, queen of cool—really hits the nail on the head with this classic wide-brimmed hat, which will be escorting me on all my Texan adventures.”

  8. By Far Sofia Leather Booties
    by far booties
    goop, $510

    “Chic, comfortable, low to the ground—that soft Italian leather is begging to be packed in my carry-on.”

Ohai Joshua Tree

ojai / joshua tree

  1. Megan O'Neill
  2. megan o’neill

    senior beauty editor

    “I cannot wait for orange groves, mountain air, and the rustic yoga studio I just know I’m going to stumble upon. I want an ass-kicking hike, something really rigorous that spans the entire day, leaves my haunches satisfyingly sore, and allows me to work up a real appetite for an epic dinner with lots of wine and fresh bread and heaps of roast vegetables drenched in olive oil from one of the local groves. To soothe my soreness, I’ll steep in the mineral-rich waters of Ecotopia Hot Springs, where I hear bathing suits are optional. How luxurious to lounge—naked!—surrounded by what feels like all of nature.”

  1. Vive Sana Serum Crema SPF 20
    vive sana serum crema
    goop, $75

    “Wearing mineral sunscreen daily (mineral is the only type of sunscreen that’s nontoxic and non-coral-killing) is the best possible strategy for maintaining smooth, supple skin. This one is a blend of amazingly hydrating botanicals and leaves me so impossibly smooth and glowy that I put it on before meetings and going out sometimes, too. You need only a dab.”

  2. Ulla Johnson Damara Cotton Jumpsuit
    ulla johnson jumpsuit
    goop, $495

    “Such a chic, lounge-y getup for chilly nights. It’s fleece-lined—the best for people like me who have lizard blood and are always cold.”

  3. Balmyard Beauty Baby Love Balm Lip Cheek Tint
    balmyard beauty lip tint
    goop, $32

    “The sexiest gentle blackberry tint on your lips, cheeks, eyelids. It goes on way subtler than it looks in the pot, and you need zero skill to put it on. I bring it everywhere. It’s all you need.”

  4. Jennifer Fisher x goop Hoops
    jennifer fisher
    x goop hoops

    goop, $200

    “Gleamy gold hoops are badass and polished. Killer with a jumpsuit, a cute sweatshirt…and the best little flourish when you’re naked steeping in a hot spring.”

  5. Hanes x Karla The Crop Sweatshirt
    hanes x karla

    goop, $80

    “Cool sweatshirts forever. No such thing as too many. Love this one with a delicate skirt as much as I do with cutoffs and my high-waisted Jesse Kamms.”

  6. Sensi Studio Striped Lined Bucket Bag
    sensi studio bag
    goop, $207

    “This slung over my arm filled to the top with fun fruits and vegetables makes me so happy. And the drawstring top is genius.”

  7. Rhode Lea Resort Dress
    rhode resort dress
    goop, $410

    “No matter where I’m going—the tropics or a cabin in Woodstock—I pack a beautiful dress. I’m just at a loss if I don’t bring one. This one is swishy and languorously loose, very conducive to decadent, wine-filled dinners.”

  8. goop G. Day Ginger Ashwagandha Energy Body Wash
    goop body wash
    goop, $32

    “Warming and gingery and refreshing and you just feel completely recharged after you use it. I crave it after working out—and hiking. It makes an incredibly sudsy bubble bath, too.”

  9. Paul Andrew Wrap it Up Sandals
    paul andrew sandals
    goop, $495

    “Delicate strappy sandals that make any dress or pants situation look a million times more put-together. Plus, they weigh nothing and slip easily into any duffel.”

South Africa

south africa

  1. Jacqueline Schulze Weitzen
  2. jacqueline schulze weitzen

    director of communications

    “South Africa was always number one on my travel list, so much so that at times, it felt like a dream that was never going to happen. When my husband and I were brainstorming trips for our honeymoon, we decided to go for it. I didn’t think the trip would surpass my wildest imagination, but it did. From the wine lands in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, to the city in Cape Town, and safari in Sabi Sands, every minute—and moment—was unforgettable.”

  1. Jao Goe Oil
    jao oil
    goop, $49

    “Lately (especially with the cold weather), I have been lathering my body in oil to keep my skin hydrated. Goe Oil is my go-to; I bring it everywhere.”

  2. Rachel Comey Glitch Jumpsuit
    rachel comey jumpsuit
    goop, $450

    “I wear jumpsuits every chance I get—and luckily for me, they’re especially easy for travel. This Rachel Comey jumpsuit is great for a day of safari or exploring the city.”

  3. Janessa Leone Jayla Straw Hat
    janessa leone hat
    Janessa Leone, $225

    “Whenever I travel, I bring a big, wide-brimmed hat. When I saw this one from Janessa Leone, I thought…Out of Africa.”

  4. G. Label Caroline Cashmere Wrap
    g. label caroline cashmere wrap
    goop, $495

    “I always get cold while traveling. This scarf kept me warm on the long flight and offered sun protection while we were outside.”

  5. ATP Atelier Alicia Sandals
    atp atelier sandals
    goop, $330

    “I love walking in a new city and exploring by foot, which is why shoes on a trip need to be comfortable. These slides are perfect to take me for miles a day and into the evening for dinner.”

  6. G. Tox Travel Kit
    g. tox travel kit
    goop, $40

    “When packing for a trip, it is tough to decide what beauty products are essential. I always worry that my favorites will get confiscated at the airport or break in the air. When we made the G.Tox Travel Kit, it made my packing decisions much smoother because I could bring along the Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo and 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub in bite size instead of the traditional big tubs.”

  7. Mara Hoffman Daphne One Piece Bathing Suit
    mara hoffman one-piece
    goop, $250

    “On safari, the days revolve around the morning and evening game drives. During downtime, we got to hang in our lodge and lounge in our jacuzzi. It was incredible to be in the middle of the wilderness relaxing in the sunshine—with special visits from baboons, impala, and leopards (if you’re lucky!).”

  8. Bassike Twill Belted Wrap Culottes
    bassike pants
    goop, $495

    “These culottes are elegantly tailored with a high waist and wide legs, which made me feel comfortable and polished—and at ease—even when lions, leopards, and elephants were at arm’s length!”

  9. La Ligne Weekender Duffel Bag
    la ligne duffel bag
    goop, $165

    “Call us crazy, but we traveled to South Africa with carry-on luggage only. Lately I have been refusing to check bags, between the wait time at baggage claim to the high chance of losing luggage. Extra outfits and shoes aren’t worth the risk. This La Ligne Weekender sits pretty atop my indestructible aluminum four-wheeler. It’s the perfect complementary piece for stashing books, magazines, and beauty essentials, like my goop face oil and night cream.”