Secret Weapons for Getting Ready

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There are things we buy out of necessity. And other things we covet for pure pleasure. And then there are the items that are in a class all their own—a beloved skin-smoothing oil that makes our body ineffably soft or an uncomplicated, perfectly fitting tee that looks good with pretty much anything. These are the items that are essential, and getting ready would be a much sadder event without them. So how does one know what’s what without countless rounds of trial and error? With a little help from our friends:

  • Ali Pew goop's Fashion Director

    Ali Pew

    fashion director

  • CHANTELLE body suit CHANTELLE body suit goop, $58
  • “Because I wear a lot of oversize sweaters and long dresses, I tend to rely on one really good bodysuit I can layer underneath for work. Chantelle’s body-skimming version is so soft and lightweight, it feels as if you’re wearing nothing at all.”

    body cream
    goop, $89
  • “It’s one of those daily rituals I never miss: Post-shower, I lather on a generous palmful of Grown Alchemist’s Intensive Body Cream—it’s so soothing for dry skin (I’m usually out in the sun on set most days, which takes its toll). And the apothecary bottle it comes in is so chic.”

    eye gel
    goop, $84
  • “Undereye balm is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you start using it on the regular. Tammy Fender’s Awakening Gel is particularly amazing—the blend of cooling elderflower and calming chamomile feels incredible; I pat it on underneath my daily moisturizers for a quick morning boost.”




  • CHANTELLE brief CHANTELLE brief Chantelle, $18
  • “These are hands down the most comfortable briefs I’ve ever owned: They have plenty of coverage, they’re seamless (no lines!), and best yet, they’re one size fits all, which I had my doubts about when I ordered, but they really do fit perfectly.”

  • TANIA WHITTIER hair treatment SMOOTHING HAIR TREATMENT by Tania Whittier Mèche Salon, $450
  • “I just don’t feel pulled together if my hair isn’t clean and well-groomed. While I envy women who can dash out the door with wet hair, it just doesn’t work for me—or my hair, which is thick and gets voluminous quickly (and not in a good way). I went to see Tania Whittier at Mèche Salon, and she helped balance out my texture while eliminating some of the frizz. The treatment is a godsend.” 

  • HELENA QUINN shirt HELENA QUINN shirt Helena Quinn, $155
  • “I developed my affinity for ‘fancy pajamas’ at an early age. My mom would always swan around in a floaty nightgown and matching robe, and when I moved out on my own, I prioritized nice pajamas—whether or not someone saw them. My friend Andrea Racey designs the line Helena Quinn, and this silk boyfriend shirt is a little oversize, which is just how I like my sleepwear. It’s so pretty in this shade of dusty peach, I’m tempted to wear it outside of the house.”

  • J. HANNAH nailpolish J.HANNAH nailpolish J.Hannah, $19
  • “The hunt for the perfect, wear-with-anything neutral stops here. Seriously. This shade of peachy pink is so subtle, I forget I have anything on my nails at all.”

    body oil
    goop, $48
  • “Everyone in LA loves to complain about how dry it is. My skin is dry; my hair feels dry; my nails feel dry. My friends in New York don’t like to hear about this, particularly in February when it’s still frigid and there’s seemingly no end to the cold weather in sight. But I’ve become obsessive about applying body oil when I step out of the shower. I mix it with a moisturizer. It’s not greasy, and it leaves my skin super soft and glowy all day.”




  • “If I’m not using Cocofloss, there’s a good chance I’m talking about using Cocofloss. I don’t feel human without it, and I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere without Cocofloss.”

    lip balm
    goop, $19
  • “I’ve never felt so fancy putting on lip balm. I’ll use this forever because finally my lips aren’t chapped.”

  • G. LABEL Stephen Boyfriend Tee G. LABEL Stephen
    Boyfriend Tee
    goop, $145
  • “Basics get me through the week—and okay, the weekend, too. But you will never find me in a fitted tee. This cotton-cashmere boyfriend version fits just right.”

  • PAI oil PAI oil goop, $40
  • “I like to try different face oils, but I always end up coming back to Pai because it sinks in the best for me. I layer it on over moisturizer every morning—it leaves my skin looking a little golden.”

  • Alyssa Beth Nelsen goop's

    Alyssa Nelsen

    creative copywriter

  • French Girl UNDER EYE OIL French Girl UNDER EYE OIL goop, $40
  • “We’re all prone to those big, scary, puffy undereye bags. After a long week when I’ve burned the candle at both ends, French Girl’s soothing dark-circle elixir is my saving grace. It smells amazing (looking at you, ylang-ylang) and travels well, too.”

  • OVEROSE holo nudesse perfume OVEROSE holo nudesse perfume Overose $68
  • “Overose, this French perfumery on the Rue des Martyrs, creates the kind of Zen-like home essentials you can’t live without. The dewy-rose Nudesse candle is made up entirely of essential oils and an aromatic botanical wax that beautifully bathes the room, so it brings a fresh meaning to ‘wake up and smell the roses.’ Plus, the iridescent casing is mesmerizing.”

  • myKIND ORGANICS milk powder	Garden of Life	myKIND ORGANICS milk powder Garden of Life, $16
  • “Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate more nourishing drinks into my nighttime mix in lieu of wine, like myKind Organics cinnamon-turmeric golden milk with a splash of oat milk. It’s comforting and tastes so indulgently creamy, it makes you wonder how the stuff is even good for you!”

  • GOLDFADEN MD scrub GOLDFADEN MD scrub goop, $98
  • “Who needs microdermabrasion when you have this ruby-crystal (you read that right) scrub in your shower? Twice a week I mix a pinch of this with a little cleanser (like the Luminous Melting Cleanser), and it’s like a potent little cocktail that works wonders on skin—and it has hyaluronic acid to moisturize, so it doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight.”

Luminous Melting Cleanser