You Asked, Ali Answered

Fall Wardrobe Refresh?

Written by: Ali Pew


Published on: October 10, 2023


We want to answer your most pressing style questions—or, you know, just the things that you’re curious about. Please keep them coming to [email protected]. Below, a q for our creative and editorial fashion director, Ali Pew.


I’ve noticed that every fall, I tend to buy a bunch of clothes that I’m excited about at first but don’t end up wearing in the long run. Any advice on how to break this pattern?


First of all, don’t feel bad. Fall can be an overwhelming season to shop for, especially after months of being so constrained by temperature. You have more texture, more layers, more shoe options to consider—and it’s all too easy to buy something that’s new and exciting but doesn’t necessarily fit your personal style.

Here’s what you do: Identify the pieces you leaned on heavily last year and update those. These are your seasonal staples, and you’ll never regret spending money on things you’ll actually wear. I live in sweaters during the fall, so that’s what I invest in. Here are the ones I’m adding to my collection this year, along with the styling strategies I look to when getting dressed these days.

Strategy 1:
Master Monochrome

While my go-to colors are navy and black, lately I’ve been gravitating toward grey. Here, I paired this light-grey cashmere crewneck with a slightly darker pant, then tied a second sweater in the same color around my shoulders (a styling move I see everywhere but still love).

  1. G. Label Gia Classic Cashmere Crewneck
    G. Label by goop Gia Classic Cashmere Crewneck goop, $595
  2. toteme Trousers
    toteme Trousers goop, $510

Strategy 2:
Stick to a Silhouette

At least one day a week, you’ll find me in some variation of this outfit: slim knit + A-line midi skirt. This silhouette really works for me. It makes me feel polished and put-together and takes all of five minutes to put on in the morning. Six, maybe, if I decide to add a belt.

  1. g. label Akshay Chunky Collar and Cuff Turtleneck
    G. Label by goop Akshay Chunky Collar and Cuff Turtleneck goop, $595
  2. g. label Howton A-Line Pleat-Front Skirt
    G. Label by goop Howton A-Line Pleat-Front Skirt goop, $495

Strategy 3:
Layer Your Classics

I love finding new ways to wear old favorites. Take this trench coat. Instead of layering it over similarly classic pieces—say, jeans and a T-shirt—I went for something a little more unexpected: leather culottes and a feminine knit with a built-in scarf.

  1. plan C Foulard Knit
    plan C Foulard Knit goop, $1,130
    PROENZA SCHOULER WHITE LABEL Culottes goop, $895

Strategy 4:
Play with Texture

I like the juxtaposition of a chunky, textured knit with a sleek leather skirt. The combination feels cozy and cool at the same time. Paired with a brown suede bag, this outfit can take you from desk work to a casual weeknight dinner—no quick change required.

  1. Toteme Knit
    Toteme Knit goop, $680
  2. g. label Miranda Leather Pencil Skirt
    G. Label by goop Miranda Leather Pencil Skirt goop, $1,095

What’s in My Cart?

A few favorite pieces from the new G. Label Jewelry collection. Classic blue jeans with a slightly curved leg, and chocolate-brown ankle boots to go with. A wool blazer to throw on when it’s chilly. Oh, and I love these updated Birkenstocks, even though it’s the wrong season for them (my plan is to wear them with chunky grey socks for travel until spring rolls around).