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French model Michele Ouellet and her mother, shot in Napa for the Eve Denim SS18 campaign.

Eileen’s Edit

Denim Everything

Eileen is goop’s fashion and market editor, which means she’s really good at discovering amazing new designers and finding pieces that will become treasured classics, and everyone at goop HQ wants to raid her (itsy-bitsy) closet. Plus, she surfs on the weekends.

The trifecta of being born to French parents and raised in New York and now living in LA has worked out well for Adelaide Bourbon. The founder of Eve Denim is boyish, natural, and polished—as is her line of timeless, cross-generational, made by women, for women denim. To back up, we first met thirteen years ago as interns at Vogue; I went on to work in magazines, and she left for the LA garment district. To find out how she’s pulled it off, I bought my old friend a coffee and started asking questions.

Founder of Eve Denim

Adelaide Bourbon

Founder of Eve Denim

Q: Do you remember your first pair of jeans?

A: The first pair I lusted after and made a point of going downtown to buy were by Earl Jeans—coincidentally, also founded by a female. Rigid and lean, they definitely influenced me as a designer.

Q: Eve is so influenced by vintage—where
do you find the good stuff in LA?

A: While the Rose Bowl flea is widely known, I prefer the one at Pasadena City College. But I’d rather dig for treasures outside of LA, in Palm Springs, where my mom lives. Truth be told, it used to be so much better; it’s been pillaged a bit over the years by festivalgoers. Still, a few gems remain:

It felt fated when I came across Desert Vintage in Tucson, Arizona, as all my favorite vintage stores are in the desert—this one is my top pick in the world.

Q: What’s your favorite piece from your line?

A: The Charlotte in raw denim. She was my very first design, so there’s that sentimentality behind it. It’s a nod to Charlotte Rampling, a rare beauty who’s aged completely naturally, and who perfectly personifies my hope to restore a more natural look in women’s denim with light, easy vintage washes that don’t feel too forced.

Q: Where do you source denim?

A: It used to be Cone Mills in North Carolina, but sadly they had to shut down the US mills and move the whole operation to Mexico.

Q: How does French style influence your design approach?

A: It has completely shaped and defined me. I pull heavily from that sexy + androgynous + tomboy + effortless formula—it’s the epitome of style. I look to ’70s Jane Birkin and ’80s Isabelle Adjani and Sophie Marceau.

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