Ask Laurie: Open-Toe Policy?

Ask Laurie: Open-Toe Policy?

Dear Laurie, I know we’re on the verge of heading into fall but I’m not ready to put my toes away just yet. Are there seasonally appropriate open-toe shoes I can wear to navigate this transitional time of year? – Wendy H.

Dear Wendy, You’re right, we’re in a particularly tricky time of year, especially when it comes to footwear: Everyone is talking about boots and brogues, which feels odd considering it’s still 80 degrees and sunny (fingers crossed!). Platforms are on the rise again; the denim ones below by Alexandre Birman have a stacked heel (read: not too retro), which makes them sleek but not too formal. I also love an evening slipper in satin or velvet, and you don’t have to save them for formal occasions, either—they look great with a pair of jeans. In other words, the goal is to go for simpler, sophisticated styles in a range of neutrals, so you have flexibility in terms of outfitting: Opt for pieces that feel substantial—longer hemlines, sweaters, even light jackets.

Here’s a roundup of some fabulous favorites that make sense for right now, and will crossover easily right into September.

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