Ask Anne: Spring Shopping Roadmap?

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Ask Anne: Spring Shopping Roadmap?

Anne Keane, who spent the better part of her life—and most of her career—honing an effortless, how-does-she-do-it personal style, is our Fashion Strategy Director. You can send her questions on everything from how to mix prints to upping your earring game to

Dear Anne, Every year it feels like the weather goes from freezing cold to sweltering hot in a blink, and, because spring pieces hit stores when there’s still snow on the ground, I feel like I always miss the boat on timing. What are the spring pieces I should be thinking about buying now?—Kelly R.

Dear Kelly, The disparity between the weather outside and what you see in stores can often leave you in a total spiral. For spring, I always try to focus less what I think I “need” and more on the little details—outfit extras that will get a lot of wear, or an update to a forever piece like a trench coat or everyday diamond jewelry. Right now I am loving anything with a tie-waist or embellished with ribbons. Here’s what’s topping my current shopping list.

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