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Ask Anne: Festive But Not Overdressed?

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Anne Keane, formerly the fashion director at Lucky magazine, is our newest goop contributing editor. You can send questions on everything from how to mix prints to how to up your earring game to [email protected]

Dear Anne, I’ve got a lot of holiday dinner parties coming up and I want to look festive but not overdressed. Any tips? —Ana H.

Dear Ana, I’ve always adhered to the guiding principle that being overdressed is always the safer call. (I must admit this theory still does not stop me from grabbing a denim jacket to throw over my outfit before I go out the door.)

There is a lot to consider when deciding what to wear to a dinner party at this time of year, but my advice is to incorporate a modest version of holiday embellishment without sacrificing comfort. The smallest touch of faux fur or satin to your outfit can turn your signature silhouettes into something a little more special. And if you are really in a last minute pinch to spruce it up, you can just put on a swipe of red lipstick. That always does the trick!

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