Ask Anne: Cozy-Chic Checklist for Mini Break?

Photo Courtesy of Terence Connors

Ask Anne:
Cozy-Chic Checklist for a Mini Break?

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Anne Keane, our fashion strategy director, has spent the better part of her life and career honing an easy, how-does-she-do-it personal style. You can send her questions about everything from how to mix prints to upping your earring game at [email protected]

Dear Anne, I’ve booked a handful of low-key weekend trips upstate to escape the craziness of city life. But here’s what’s holding me back from looking forward to my cabin the woods: My sweaters and sweats have seen better days, and I don’t want to invest too much time or cash in shopping for loungewear. What are my safest bets for polished, go-anywhere pieces that also work for lounging around? —Gillian M.

Dear Gillian, It really doesn’t get much better than a lazy fall getaway. I can picture it now: sleeping till noon, cuddling up to watch the docuseries you’ve been saving for a rainy day, long walks in the woods—it’s heaven. In terms of packing, here’s a good place to start: mountain-chic sweaters, pretty underpinnings, and wear-all-day pants (in other words, pajamas that double as pants). Honestly, it doesn’t take much to steer clear of sloppy even if you’re on a mission to do nothing at all.

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