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Ask Anne: A Polished Approach to April Showers?

Easy Kicks

Anne Keane, who has spent the better part of her life—and most of her career—honing an effortless, how-does-she-do-it personal style, is our fashion strategy director. You can send her questions about everything from how to mix prints to upping your earring game at [email protected].

Dear Anne, I feel like rain gear always makes me look like a giant kid. Is there a world where I still look like a grown-up while wearing a slicker—or anything waterproof for that matter? —Hope S.

Dear Hope, I actually love rain gear! I see wet weather as an opportunity to have fun with rubber-ducky-inspired pieces, whether it’s a shiny hobo bag, grippy shoes, or a full-on poncho (alongside an elevated trench, legs-for-days skinnies, etc.). If you find yourself in a real messy, muddy situation—à la walking to the barn in the English countryside—go for the trusted jeans-tucked-into-classic-tall-boots approach. Other than that, every possible iteration of inclement weather can be solved with a great piece of outerwear—and a little creativity.

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