Ask Anne: A goop Mother's Wish List?

Ask Anne: A goop Mother’s Wish List?

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Anne Keane, who has spent the better part of her life—and most of her career—honing an effortless, how-does-she-do-it personal style, is our fashion strategy director. You can send her questions about everything from how to mix prints to upping your earring game at [email protected].

Dear Anne, Every time Mother’s Day rolls around, my mom insists she has everything she needs. I’ve played out the card/flower delivery angle, so in the spirit of fresh ideas, I thought I’d tap a trusted resource. You’re a mom; what do you really want for Mother’s Day? —Alyssa N.

Dear Alyssa, Big thanks for the opportunity to put my wish list on the internet (hint, hint…). In all seriousness, I can’t speak for all mothers, but I can say that when shopping for myself, the line between want and need can be a bit blurry at times. The oohing and aahing, the seesawing. So here’s to helping moms everywhere put a lid on the yo-yoing—just get her the thing she wants, not the thing she needs.

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