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9 Women Share the Backstory Behind Their Most Loved Piece of Diamond Jewelry

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The diamond jewelry we wear is entirely personal. It’s often the story behind each piece of jewelry that makes the piece important to us. The more special the story, the more special the piece. We asked a few goop editors to pull out some of the most treasured pieces of diamond jewelry in their lives: many signifying a big moment, some lovingly passed down, and others purchased by the wearer—but each with a meaning outweighed by carats.


“My dad never had a chance to buy my mother an engagement ring, but after they got married, he wanted to. This was back in 1965, and my dad took her to every jewelry store in New York, but she didn’t see one ring she liked. Just as he was thinking he had married the world’s biggest snob, my mother told him that she wanted a plain gold wedding band as is tradition in Sweden, where she was from. My dad used to say that he felt about two inches tall that day. He got her the gold band—and later that year, a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from Cartier. My mom loved the diamond, and she gave it to my boyfriend (now husband) just before he proposed. I wear it every day—half a century of history on my ring finger. I love the thought that maybe one day my daughter will wear the ring that her grandfather, a man she never met, chose for his wife.” —Danielle Pergament, editor in chief


    “My husband got me this S signet ring when our son was born. His name is Sam, and my son’s name is Sonny—two birds, one stone. It’s become my lucky charm. I refuse to take it off.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

    SARA CHLOE petite signet ring SARA CHLOE
    petite signet ring goop, $698

    “There are investment pieces you justify buying because of cost per wear…and then there are investment pieces you buy because you can’t stop thinking about them. Every Vram piece is handmade in Los Angeles. These earrings are showstoppers.”
    —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications

    VRAM one-of-a-kind Chrona earrings VRAM one-of-a-kind
    Chrona earrings goop, $22,560

    “My husband and I were living together (in sin!) in the West Village when we got engaged. We walked out the door that day, down the block to a little store called Catherine Angiel, and ordered our wedding rings. Mine, of course, had to have diamonds.” —Anne Keane, fashion strategy director

    CATHERINE ANGIEL platinum vintage eternity wedding band CATHERINE ANGIEL
    platinum vintage
    eternity wedding band Catherine Angiel, $4,300


“Although the feeling at times may not be mutual, I’m lucky that my older sister is a gemologist. Not only did she surreptitiously help my then boyfriend design my diamond engagement ring (and size my finger without me batting an eye), but she also puts up with my spur-of-the-moment requests to make teeny twists and turns to my rotation of pieces. On a recent layover in NYC, I zipped across town to 49th and Fifth (the heart of the diamond district) and traded out a four-prong setting for a three-prong to subtly refresh my treasured diamond studs. They were a gift for my twenty-fifth birthday, and I rarely take them off; the asymmetrical setting feels slightly more sophisticated for my fourth decade.” —Charlotte Ross Canet, creative copywriter


    “I know. I’m notoriously hard to shop for. As the fashion director, much of my job entails previewing collections and going on appointments with designers. In other words, I see everything. But when I came across a pair of special-order Jennifer Meyer baguette studs, I fell in love. I had to nudge my husband, but he finally bought them for me. I love the simplicity of the design, and they look great paired with an ear cuff. If you live in LA, Jen Meyer just opened her first boutique, a tiny little pink-walled jewel box in the new Palisades Village.” —Ali Pew, fashion director

    Jennifer Meyer store interior

    “I’ve known jewelry designer Monique Péan for more than a decade and have admired her commitment to sustainability and unique ability to turn unexpected materials like fossilized dinosaur bone and shark tooth into these beautiful, wearable little pieces of art. Monique invited me into her studio in New York’s meatpacking district back in 2011, and we designed my ring together to celebrate my new job (at the time, as a senior editor at Town & Country). It’s a cabochon piece of fossilized walrus ivory with the slightest tinge of ombré along the edges, and it’s set in a circle of diamonds. I thought I’d tuck it away for special occasions, but it has such a sense of simplicity that I wear it every day. Honestly, I feel naked without it.” —Nandita Khanna, editorial projects director

    similar styles available Monique Péan


“Changing your last name postnuptials is one of those things that everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion about. In the midst of my identity crisis (is it goodbye to Nelsen for good?), this dainty pavé diamond charm bracelet—a teeny G for my newly acquired last initial—was the first thing I bought for myself after saying ‘I do.’ Is it a pretty little marker of the next chapter? Absolutely. Proof that you can have the best of both worlds? One hundred percent.” —Alyssa Nelsen-Geiger, creative copywriter


“Unbeknownst to me, my fiancé reached out to one of my favorite jewelry designers, Kate Jones of Ursa Major, to create my diamond engagement ring. I’ve long admired Jones for her inlay work—her pieces feel modern but have an earthy quality. What I love the most about the ring he designed is his choice of champagne diamonds, which create a pretty but subtle gold tone. Looking at this ring will serve as a constant reminder of where he proposed: under a tree on a remote Kauai beach just in front of his favorite surf break.” —Eileen Hayes, fashion and market editor